"The Conservative Cult of Victimhood"

Doesn’t the “left” denigrate the boomer generation?

This is so ridiculous it has to be a piss take.

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What do you mean by left? Democrats? US left? Euro leftties? Centrist Dems? Far left Bolsheviks? Come on yo, specifics!

@flatlandr The left wants medicaid for all. Center right dems want to keep the Obamacare system in tact if thats what you mean.

You guys can’t possibly exist. It’s funny. I finally get it.

I know I shouldn’t watch but I can’t look away. This is why I’m here though. 100% entertainment

I thought it would be obvious that pushing for healthcare, now, when the majority of beneficiaries of it would be a generation that some people on the left denigrates for “stealing” all the money.

Can’t imagine why conservatives would feel victimized, then.

Victimized by a more effective health care system?

Really, I thought you were trying out your fledgling new CRT material. It’s coming along.

this is an important thing to have

when you pay people to beat you up

edit: oh the deliciousness of that timing

rimshot! i’m here all night folks


This is bizarre. That’s my quota for you for the night.


Heh heh

Why is it your quota for the night?

It’s like improv, you of all people know this. If i don’t get something to work with, i can’t make new material

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The left is defined by the victim-hood hierarchy chart which they use to push authoritarian ideas. When people criticize this victimhood culture or related ideas or generally express opinions with which the identitarian left, they are further insulted, attacked, or even cancelled. When this is pointed out to the people who created the victimhood culture, they decry the criticism as victimhood culture itself.

It is mostly just a gaslighting effort.


Freeform jazz.

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