The COOL-ass bug thread


Chondracris rosea


Neolucanus swinhoei


Thank you, sir. What about the first one?


Mysterius buggus.


cool bugs Mucha, I’m at a loss for the “stick bug” looking things as well.

Chris are you by chance some kind of professional bug geek? You sure seem t call them.

Here’s one for you, any idea? I have never seen this before, but now i have seen it 2 different times, on 3 different plants (in fact these plants are in 3 different families, and 2 different orders). So i am thinking it doesn’t eat plants, but eats animals…as all these plants had mealy type bugs on them and i am only guessing this worm thing eats them…? they are about 2mm wide and 2-5cm long. At firs i thought leach, but they are not sticky and really dont like being touched.


Just an amateur bug geek!

No idea what that worm-like thing is, by the way.


Its a nematode. Some kind of primitive worm-type creature I believe. Haven’t seen one like that but I used to see brown kind of hammerhead-shaped ones in the yard at my old place.


They look tasty.


[quote=“Mucha Man”]Coming back down from Nanhudashan (near Wuling farm) we saw what looked like gossamer netting hanging from a stone wall on the side of the road but it was in fact the webbing of dozens of golden orb spiders. Frontal and side views below:

spider web2 by Muzha Man, on Flickr

spider web3 by Muzha Man, on Flickr

Spider Web1 by Muzha Man, on Flickr[/quote]

That, and those, are amazing! Damn, though… I’d hate to walk into that…


Sandman, any idea what genus those hammer head like ones are? I foudn one on Beidawushan like that. it was a dark back with red belly and had the split head type thig going on, saw that one at night.

Some spider pics from Orchid Island cave.


You should try dropping these out of a window - say, two or three floors up.

They parachute down by stretching out their legs and when they hit the ground, they run away.


really? I wont try it as i would fear busting open their abdomen, but interesting to know! Are these the same sp. we find here on the mainland? I get them in my bathroom (also a dark cool damp place) a lot. They are the biggest spiders i have seen here in Taiwan (not counting pet tarantulas).

Ants nest in the trees.


Nice pictures!
Orchid Island is just great, huh?

I’m not sure whether you get them on the mainland, but I assume you do.
Parachuting is harmless for the spiders because it is an escape strategy. I found out when I tried to catch one on a balcony a long time ago and it jumped off, I’ve seen it several times since then - if you try to catch them, they’ll jump into thin air regardless of how high up they are.


Saw this encounter today in Taroko:

1 medium sized maybe Giant Wood Splider (Nephila maculata), black and yellow markings, but not as big as others I’ve seen.
It was sat in the middle of its web, guarding what I thought at first was a large egg sac, but looking closer it appeared to be (at least) wrapped mummified remains of another spider. The male :astonished:?

Buzzing around the web, attacking whatever the spider was protecting was a hornet. It didn’t give up, and I watched for a good 10 minutes. Everytime it flew in, the spider fought it off with aggressive pincer movements of its front legs. Then the hornet would fly higher, and try another angle, or lazily pretend to fly off only to come in again. The spider would edge round its ‘treasure’ to defend the other side.


thats cool man, never seen these guys fight a hornet before. Nephila maculata = Nephila pilipes which is what you found. those guys also have parasitic spiders in their webs feeding off the remains. take a close look sometime, the ones i see are red.


Has anyone seen a whip spider before? Saw this one in my garden, google says they are from Oz. Pretty cool


Huge-ass grasshopper


never seen a “whip spider” here, thats pretty unique. any more pics?


No, sorry. Did I know they were so scarce I would have probably take more. At least I didn’t kill it and let it go on its merry way. Maybe I will see him again!


On second thought, here are a few