The COOL-ass bug thread


Now everyone can see where I live… just bring beer for the bbq!

Cat also brought me a vinegaroon:


wow those are really interesting! thanks for the shots, good to know they are here. I am not sure if they are scarce here, just that i have never seen them down south.


I’ve been trying to upload a jpeg of a long-horn beetle for a while. Can anyone tell me how to upload pics?

#64 an account at imgur
2. upload to imgur
3. click on image on imgur, choose this option: BBCode (message boards & forums)
4. paste code here


Thanks very much!


This is a long-horn beetle I saw a few weeks back. It must have been about 2 and a half inches long:


Another photo of a golden silk orb-weaver. I took this pic in 2008 near Taroko Gorge. It was huge, it looked to be around 4 inches + in length (legs included). I saw loads of these, but this was the biggest one.


Those are my favouritest spiders. A few months ago I accidentally walked into a web and broke it, and the spider fell on the ground. I thought he’d run away, but he turned around and did that “get the fuck out of my way” pose, front legs in the air. Touching, hilarious and a bit scary all at the same time.

Is that what it is! I saw one maybe last month. I originally thought it was some sort of small scorpion. Thanks for the pic.


I’m not sure if here is the right place to post (but I thought it would be a good starting place).

I’m just wondering if anyone in the Taipei region would fancy going to any of the local mountains (Yangming Mountain, Elephant Mountain…) to take photos of bugs (if we see any)? I was thinking of trying to get a group of at least 4 or 5, the more the merrier really. I didn’t have any particular date in mind, my schedule is flexible, so weekends and weekdays are mostly fine. Perhaps we’d meet up at a central location (maybe an MRT station closest to our destination) and spend around half a day(ish) enjoying the mountains and possibly trying to get a few decent shots of wildlife. I wasn’t thinking of anything too strenuous, just more of a social/leisurely walk and appreciation of Taiwan’s flora and fauna. If anyone is interested in this, then we can either chat here, or you could PM me. I just came up with the idea recently, so everything’s a little vague. Perhaps if we get a few people together we could come up with a better plan?

For the record - I’ve seen giant centipedes, blue tailed skinks (they look awesome), and many types of butterflies on Qixing Shan (around the Xiao You Keng area). I’ve also seen many cicadas, long horn beetles and giant asian hornets on Elephant Mountain. We could do one of these, or any other area if any one has any suggestions.


I’m not sure what this is. It was about an inch and a half long. It looked like a huge fly, and I think it was too slim to be a cicada.


Some pretty dragonflies:

The next one landed on me. I took about 20 odd pics of this type of dragon fly, but none of the shots could do it justice. It was iridescent, but this shot doesn’t really show it too well:


Finally, a blue one:


does look kind of fly like.

If you are looking for stuff, sometimes take a few mins to just sit somewhere and look around. I find 95% of things standing still doing nothing but taking it all in. when you stop and become part of the landscape, things come to you.


tzzz.tzzzz…splat. Mozzie

scratch scratch… Xiao Hei Wen.



[quote=“Dr Jellyfish”]I’m not sure what this is. It was about an inch and a half long. It looked like a huge fly, and I think it was too slim to be a cicada.


Parasitic wasp?


Some type of moth baby moving around by dangling in a sleeping bag.


The Asilidae are the robber fly family, also called assassin flies. They are powerfully built, bristly flies with short, sharp, stout sucking mouthparts. Wikipedia


Good spot Icon. This is one bad-ass fly.


Not me! My colleague is a biologist. He is always amazed that you guys are so interested in local wildlife.


Thanks! From a distance and from the side it almost looked like a cicada (which is what I was trying to find), but from the back it looked to thin to be a cicada. It looked like it could bite, so I kept my distance. I thought it might have been a horse fly or something, but when I checked Wikipedia it looked nothing like a horse fly.