The Correct Marriage Procedure?


:smiling_imp: Allright I am a student here studying in Shi-Da’s Language Center and going to get married to my Taiwanese GF and am aware of all the requirements…courtesy of all you great helpful people…but today when i called up the toll free number which is INFORMATION FOR FOREIGNERS…they told me with a student ARC for language courses…once we get married…I still need to go to HongKong to get a new visitor visa which would be valid for 6 months…and I need to go with my Marriage certificate…and other documents…is that true…isnt it possible to apply for the visitor visa from BOCA near NTNU Hospital???
and yes by the way when i called up one of these customer service people and one of them said i need to go to hongkong and recently i called back and the other said i actually need to go back to my country…she assumed that i was American but i am not…whats right and whats wrong please tell me coz m going to get married soonand have already asked my mom to process all documents in my country!!!i read in this forum that a guy from sout africa explained the proper procedure to us and i am following his directions…for now just let me know do i need to go to hong kong…and when i get back from there with the new visa…can i apply for JFRV here without having to actually go back to my country??? :help: