The Court of Kangaroos

What was the “Flyin’ Pig” guilty of in the “Newcastle” case?

  • Inadequate disclaimers about streets outside the premises
  • Inadequate lighting for security cameras
  • Failure to segregate waiguoren from babes in solo mode
  • Being in Hsinchu
  • Not knowing if Koxinga was waiguoren
  • Choosing the wrong pinyin system
  • Failure to monitor LP warnings
  • Putting a Welshman in a kilt
  • Deriding Sandman in his kilt
  • Not buying land in the THSR route
  • Misdescription of goods for rent
  • Laissez faire on lazy fares
  • Poor statistical inference
  • Confusing kangaroos with courts
  • Slumming in Temp

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It’s time to pretend you are a juror in the wildly oscillating Tale of the Pig.

I voted using the wrong pinyin system.

Right on. I did too.

There’s little doubt in my mind that Taiwan would be a kinder, gentler, better place if only everyone would learn Hanyu Pinyin. Well, tonal spelling would be better, of course, but there will never be that kind of Utopia on earth, I fear. :sunglasses:

we didn’t even get to hear how i had it coming from someone who watched the CCTV but still couldn’t tell us why.

That would suggest a vote for Item 2, since none of the Items admit of perceptual impairment.

lets see if we can get more than 321 posts out of this baby.

so what is ‘Koxinga’ and ‘waiguoren’

If you don’t understand the item, don’t vote for it, esp. if the time machine is set for 1662.

Until I hear what was on the security cams, I can’t even venture a guess. As marsupial judge, I would come down hard on the baseball team if they could be clearly identified.

Was the lighting so poor that nothing of value could be seen on the cameras?
Was there any assault/battery by Steven? Wo bu chi dao. (Woah Boo chr Dow?)

Koxinga was the 17th century general who chased the waiguoren out of Taiwan with his baseball bat (and with help from his rough buddies).

You, Steven, are a waiguoren.

And . . . iron lady? STop the craZy taLk. Nobody cares about TONES!

(313 to go)

[quote=“steveknlp2”]lets see if we can get more than 321 posts out of this baby.

so what is ‘Koxinga’ and ‘waiguoren’[/quote]

why do you want to exceed your previous record for inanity? starved for attention?

contribute something useful and you may get there.

Oh, and for some useful input: Koxinga is an historical figure important in the early Chinese history of Taiwan.

waiguoren is a word that perhaps you should know well and identify with.

Koxinga, son of a Straits pirate and a Japanese mother, studied at the top Ming era uni, last stand against the Qing, fled to Formosa, where to the natives, he was waiguoren type 2 who kicked waiguoren type 1 (the Dutch) out. To be replayed later by Cash My Check.

I’d rather deal with 5 tones than 9.

“Poor statistical inference” is funny as hell.

Urodacus, the poll is a carefully crafted ironic instrument. Why not move it to F&G, or even Open, rather than hit it with anti-matter? Will you grant it a reprieve if The Steve promises not to post in it? Should not the Flying Pigness have some shelflife since the parent thread will end in oblivion?

The 15 questions stand for the 15 palaces that Koxinga II built.

Hey, the poll is alive, and it’s real fun to play.

not that anybody knows what the hell it’s about. but still…

I chose ‘misdescription of goods for rent’.

happens all the bloody time.

Urodacus, Goose Egg, and Maoman, thanks for rescuing this thread from the anti-matter collider.

The thread shall be a beacon on the mole askirt the waterworld of Hsinchu to warn the naive about dangers inland.