The COVID humbug thread (2021 edition)

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which direction is taiwan heading? do you forsee theyll ever forgo their zero covid policy?

My bet is that it’ll end in ignominy and chaos. The guys at the top continually flipflop on ‘zero COVID’ - one day they’ll be fairly explicit about it, and another day they’ll say they’re just trying to “control” COVID (whatever that even means). I suspect they’re deliberately trying to keep their aims vague so that they can’t be held to account when it all turns pearshaped.

Isolating an entire country is futile - and not really possible. Delta will get here, it will spread, a few old/sick people will die, but in general nothing seriously awful will happen. But because Chen et al have set themselves up as The Saviours Of Mankind, they’ll have take increasingly desperate measures to prove that they’re still in control of the virus. None of it will work, for obvious reasons, but they’ll keep doing it anyway, and probably bring the country to its knees, much like Australia.

It’s possible they’ll announce that some arbitrary vaccination target has been met and therefore they can just let it rip. But they tried that in Singapore and then lost their nerve. I can see something similar panning out here.


yeah flip flopping is right.
its giving me anxiety and second thoughts about studying there in winter. Id imagine schools will be shut down and ill be learning over a fucking webcam.

As has already been said numerous times in your other thread, yes, that is quite likely. If that is a dealbreaker, you should not come.

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And it goes on as people are not scared enough, or have reached Covid Supremacist cult fatigue:

I’m living in UK at this time involuntary as Taiwan won’t let me back yet!

I’m sick to death of Government here flip - flopping so annoying I refuse to listen to any of it.

Just a load of talking shite! no one bothers about it now and just letting covid run it’s course.


He’s concerned because covid has been spreading through Taiwan this entire time and the government banning people from seeing they have antibodies would destroy their entire narrative of them being the saviors and being in control of this airborne virus that is super contagious. It’s fucking suspicious. Truth doesn’t fear investigation. Clearly the government doesn’t want people to know their levels of antibodies for that reason.


As someone pointed out a while back, if COVID had been circulating since 2020 then not only would the hospitals and morgues have filled up like they did in every other country, but genome testing during this outbreak would’ve found evidence of COVID 1.0 (the original strain). Instead everything is Alpha or Delta, which didn’t exist back when the pandemic broke out a year and a half ago.

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They can cover it up. It’s a slow burn. Call it a flu. They already did that with that one pilot who went and try to get tested a while back. He was told he just had the flu and wouldn’t test him. Also there’s so many stories about people flying out of Taiwan and being positive. The case fatality rate is super high. Higher death to case ratio than all the neighboring countries. Like by multiplies. Explain the reason to ban antibody test and explain why the death rate is so high. Only explanation I can find is there is way more local transmission that we aren’t being told about.


Consider your axioms:

  • COVID is astoundingly dangerous (only true under some very limited circumstances)
  • Hospitals and morgues “filled up” (they did not, except, again, in a few places for a short period of time; go and read the official documentation).

The narrative was carefully spun. It wasn’t precisely a lie, but it was stage-managed to such an extent that the difference was purely academic. Of course you won’t believe that, but perhaps you will at least concede that with a disease as slippery as COVID it would be easy to stage-manage the whole thing in any preferred direction.

The ‘wild’ strain apparently had some evolutionary disadvantage elsewhere and quickly disappeared; it was virtually invisible in India. There’s no reason why Taiwan would work differently.

There was extreme reluctance in the population to test for COVID symptoms in 2020 and extreme reluctance among doctors to even contemplate the possibility. A disease with a 99.9995% survival rate in healthy individuals could have been easily brushed under the carpet.


Completely false.


Sure, 4 million plus deaths have all been fabricated. It’s a huge conspiracy. Jeez, you guys have really drank the whole punchbowl of Kool-Aid on this one.

Go and look up the official hospital records, then get back to us.

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I’m not wanting to argue either way here, but that chart shows only 150-200 or so UK hospital admissions a week, which is what, 20 a day across the whole country??

That’s not really much at all, is that data correct?

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explain then. whats the purpose of banning antibody test?

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It’s about right, although there are over 1000 largeish hospitals in the UK so its maybe 10 a week per hospital. The hospital inpatient records (number of beds occupied relative to beds available) are probably more relevant.

Thinking about it more though, most people won’t only be in for one day, so those numbers can compound.