The COVID humbug thread

Friend of my sister’s was fobbed off for months just trying to get a diagnosis. Turns out she had ovarian cancer and is now just waiting to die.

I know that’s basically equivalent to “I know someone who died of COVID!” but the fact that these statements seem to recur at roughly equal frequency suggests that the fallout of “lockdowns” is at least comparable to the consequences of COVID itself. The UK ONS estimated that something like a fifth of excess deaths during 2020/2021 were non-COVID deaths; and since 95% of declared COVID deaths were either “with COVID” deaths or probably nothing to do with COVID (as per @cake’s post above), it seems to me that the cure was worse than the disease.

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You are joking right? How can you take that seriously?

Some not verifiable report from anonymous “Dr” allegedly having acquired medical data uploaded on a conspiracy theory blogging website.

First thing you see on that website 9/11 TRUTH!!!


Can you send me some info who that analyst actually is? @cake

Why can’t they just admit they are full of crap:

Then the gov says this:


The Zulus aren’t happy:


Proud to say I am not part of this cult:


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Which one supports freedom and which one is a fascistic psychopath?

And world governments are so worried about the deadly ‘pandemic’ that they are firing nurses and doctors just before winter.

How mad does this have to get before people acknowledge that it’s mad? Wonder how many people out there are saying “quite right too, I hope those anti-vaxers are quietly taken away and shot”?

There’s a non-article about him here, with even the vocally-pro-vaccine British Press getting slightly worried about the lack of visibility on what’s he’s supposed to be doing, how he intends to do it, who he answers to, and what his qualifications might be for managing a “health” crisis.

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How things change.



Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter said she did not know exactly how many employees had declined the shots and been put on leave.

Well, Ms Porter, if you hadn’t been snoring through basic arithmetic in grade school, you’d probably be able to figure out that if 96% are vaxed and there are 75,000 teachers, then about 3000 teachers refused to enrol in de Blasio’s little experiment, and have lost their jobs in consequence.

So the question is: where is NYC going to find 3000 science teachers?


This page for UK law is well worth reading, because it spells out precisely how much of the COVID bullshit is either not legally enforceable, or seems to have no basis whatsoever in the primary legislation … while still suggesting that you have to follow the rules anyway because, well, who knows, somebody might be able to fine you, and who ya gonna call?

The law is what you must do; the guidance might be a mixture of what you must do and what you should do.

… and nobody will ever be able to tell you where the line is drawn.

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I wonder who will say this is ‘misinformation’?

Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.’



As a result:

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Flashback. 8 months ago.
Anyone smelt the salt?

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca confirms 100% protection against severe disease, hospitalisation and death in the primary analysis of Phase III trials


Asks some questions many here have asked for a long time.

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You won’t see this on CNN:

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Some real ‘fact checking’ (not linked/funded to corporate orthodox interests):


Before you ask, no, this has nothing to do with me.

Among other false claims, the report says some COVID vaccines include “living organism(s) with tentacles.”



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