The COVID humbug thread

You keep taking it as dogma that People Know What They’re Doing, at least at high levels. Yet you’ve never worked in government, have you?

No, it was real. You forgot about the bombings and POW parades. The conspiracy part was the three states agreeing to play by certain rules known to them and not known to the masses, but that didn’t mean the bombings etc. were fake.

There’s always intent. Without it, there’s no action. But different people have very different priorities.

You don’t necessarily get to it by being an evil genius either (though it usually helps).

And yet Taiwan bans (and apparently enforces the ban, though I havn’t tested it yet) walking on deserted beaches with an onshore breeze, possibly the safest situation on the island) but is absolutely OK with shopping in crowded department stores.



I thought everything did have to end in the the apocalypse.

I thought that was why they called it The Apocalypse


Not sure what you are saying here.

You seemed to be making the case that this issue was being exaggerated by TPTB to acquire and extend arbitrary power, but there is no obvious reason why that should lead to breakdown of basic services like water supply.

Prepping implies its all going to fall apart, Threads stylee, which in turn implies the issue is not being exaggerated.

Difficult (though not impossible) to have it both ways

Is your position simply that they don’t know WTF they are doing, and that is why its likely to fall apart?

And you take it as dogma that they’re a homogenous bunch all stamped out from a basement factory at Oxford (or Yale, or whatever). I’ve met quite a few politicians. Most struck me as ordinary Joes doing ordinary (and rather boring) jobs. One or two struck me as sharp as whippets and twice as evil. History says pretty much the same thing, and what tends to happen is that the man with a plan will be listened to by the guys in grey suits.

Some of them know what they’re doing. And whatever it is they’re doing, they probably shouldn’t be.

I sometimes wonder if you have a rather literalist mind that doesn’t take in subtleties very well. It was never explicitly explained whether the war was or was not real.What is explained is that Winston lives in a world where things are real (or not) according to the fiat of the Party, and that the official narrative of the war changes from day-to-day. Almost by definition, then, “the War” is a lie, in the sense that there is almost certainly no ever-changing enemy presenting a mortal threat. If the State is coincidentally killing and capturing people, that is “proof” of the war only to the brainwashed. If the State is conspiring with other States to maintain the fiction, then quite obviously they are not at war with them.

Unfortunately this is completely untrue. I say “unfortunately” because humans like to think they’re somehow unique and special. 80% of what you do has no intentional motivation. You do it because your brain thinks it’s a good idea at the time, and if you query yourself your brain will fill in a justification. You, like most animals, have no “intent” other than surviving and breeding.

Anyway, I’m really not attached either to the theory that the TPTB have a definite plan to bring about Armageddon, or that they’re a bunch of drooling idiots just riding the wave. Both possibilities are plausible; you can consider either one and come up with a few possible endgame scenarios.

I’m saying it’s possible they don’t know what they’re doing. That they’re caught up on some cognitive railroad that will eventually run out of track at the edge of a cliff. It’s equally possible that they are deliberately engineering a New World Order; it would hardly be the first time, would it? The problem with New World Orders is that they work wonderfully in theory, but because their architects tend to be middle-class types who have buggerall knowledge of (say) where the water comes from when you turn the tap, these theories work out less well in practice.

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Well that’s what they did in the West. Sold an 18 month lockdown in 2 week increments. People have warned me it may take a while. I have heard that the lockdown may last the rest of the year. Sucks for me too, but I’ll just have to stay sharp, and keep me wits about me.

You said you noticed that after everyone was vaxxed, they still didn’t open up. So you think something really big is afoot (paraphrasing from memory). I think you might be right, and the Corona pantomime may be a cover for something historical in scope. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something really bad, or really good. I think we should avoid over-speculation, and just enjoy the show as best we can.

Again, for the esoterically inclined; Corona = Crown. The battle for the crown of Earth. I may lose some readers with that. But then, I reason I probably lost half the forum when I started the Surly Cow thread. So who cares any more? IMO, the Corona conflict = Endgame. Just stay safe as best you can. There are worse places to be than Taiwan.

Whatever happens, there’s no way this situation can persist more than a couple of years. I think what’s going to happen will be somewhat akin to the fall of the Berlin Wall, but on a planetary scale.

So yes, we can look at history, and see possible parallels with 1937 or 1938, but I think that is being way too negative. I think it’s more likely we’re seeing the collapse of the current cabal governments, so we’re living in a period more similar to 1989. And yes, it’s not easy on any of us… There was a lot of euphoria when the Berlin Wall collapsed, but people still had to deal with day to day issues, like mass unemployment. And yes, readers, I can hear you thinking… where is the 2021 Berlin Wall? Where is it physically located? Hmmmm… Perhaps the modern Berlin Wall is installed in out very minds.

You could say COVID is a psyop. You could just as easily say it’s a magic spell. What happens when a spell wears off?

What I have noticed, is that there are far, far less people on the streets. To really work out what’s going on… we may have to consider that Earth itself may be a simulation, and look at movies like Westworld, and even The Matrix. Are such musings welcome on this thread?

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I don’t exactly subscribe to all you’ve said, but the current sitution certainly gives food for thought. I mean, the UK government admitted they engaged in psyops regarding the pandemic, so they’re not keeping that secret. Then you have the WEF openly stating their world agenda, talking about using Covid as the wedge, on their website. So when the agenda is open, mainstream and repeated by world leaders (Build Back Better!) then it’s hardly conspiracy at that point. One should rightly be considered a crackpot if one didn’t acknowledge these things as reality and happening right now.

We’ll soon see! Expect some robust responses :wink:

These might be interesting topics for another thread? Check with the OP! :slight_smile:

Which current cabal governments are collapsing?

That’s nearly a tongue twister.

As far as actual collapse, I don’t think any are… yet. But what I notice is, the psychological edifice of government, the mechanism that is installed in the human mind itself… That is being severely tested right now.


  • Most people thought governments were more or less on their side.
  • Waddling Whitey Westerner never though the tactics used in foreign conflicts would be used on his vainglorious self.
  • Most people could never have imagined martial law imposed on the industrialized West.

Now, we see the Emperor not only has no clothes, but he has a robot arm and a vial of poison too.

Carry on, readers… don’t mind me…

It seems to me that multinationals wield far more power than countries/ politicians.

Take the pandemic, for example. Who is pulling the strings all over the world, directing govts’ policies directly and indirectly? Who holds the fate of all the world’s countries in its hands? Its clearly big pharma. They are the ones that control the supply of vaccines, and that supply is intrinsically connected to the ability of any country to function with any degree of normalcy.

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We’re arguing over what state of halfness the glass is in, but I stand by what I said.

No, no, you’re conflating action with results further down the line.


I suppose I shouldn’t expect H. “sapiens” to understand…

Remember 3 weeks to flatten the curve… ?



Go and read some textbooks on the subject of behavioural psychology, consciousness, and perception of self. Dennett is a good starting point; he loves to come up with theories of everything, but what he lacks in rigour he makes up for in breadth.

IIRC the early V2 strikes on London were described as gas main explosions, so a real wars reality can sometimes show duality.

So thats a “yes”, then.

True. There are any number of possible outcomes. I was drawing historical parallels to illustrate some which are hypothetically likely.

If you want to get more esoteric than that, go and read the book of Revelation. Crowns are mentioned - eleven of them, IIRC (we’re on Delta at the moment). And of course there’s the number of the Beast without which you cannot go to pubs or supermarkets. The QR code on your “vaccine passport” is merely a number; it’s held in your cellphone, ie., “in your right hand”. It wouldn’t surprise me if some comedian on the programming team has embedded the digits 666 in there as a magic number [“magic number” is a technical term meaning a number which doesn’t have any rational basis for its value, but nevertheless performs a useful function].

I’m not entirely serious. I don’t think it’s the End of Times. But if you enjoy conspiracy theories, it’s kinda fun to speculate on this sort of thing.

I thought that 12 months ago. I am genuinely surprised that lockdowns didn’t have more serious effects. But in historical context, it’s amazing how urban societies can continue to limp along for years without any visible means of support.

Maybe. There’s no doubt that humanity is now divided into two factions: those who think that something awful was done (and is still being done) and that it must stop; and those who think that COVID is the worstest thing ever, and governments have done everything for our own good.

There will be some sort of shakedown. My observation, though, it’s usually the people with the biggest guns, the loudest voices, and the malfunctioning moral compass who win. Like alcoholics, human societies have to hit rock bottom before they acknowledge there’s a problem.

Same difference.

“Any technology, no matter how primitive, is magic to those who don’t understand it.”
– Arthur C Clarke

What happens is fairly well-documented. People tend to just shuffle around aimlessly, pretend nothing happened, and eventually pick up the pieces. This is a dangerous inflection point: a good leader can herd the sheep into useful directions, and a bad leader might offer them a vat of kool-aid.

I think the simplest explanation is the obvious one: people are doing as they’re told, and staying at home.

This is what makes it all so infuriating. Clearly, governments have abdicated their power to … somebody. It’s health officials who stand at the podium - weak, foolish little men like Chris Whitty - and someone is clearly pulling their strings, since they have no backbone of their own. But who is it, and why are they doing it?

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90 percent of UK adults have covid antibodies and they are still talking about restrictions. So basically, it won’t matter if we are all vaccinated/have had it.

The old will still get it and die and that will be the excuse for continual restrictions. Depressing

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I was watching some cricket highlights from the Pakistan England T20 games yesterday and couldn’t believe the crowd - no mask, having beers, having fun. Looked great. I think it would be hard to get the genie back in the bottle once lifting so many restrictions, especially as the rest of Europe is opening.

I’d honestly prefer a full blown plague ripping through society, than living with all these restrictions. Longevity as a goal in and of itself is extremely overrated IMO. Why is a long life held in such high esteem?

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