The COVID humbug thread

Unless you produce some specific data to support your claims regarding specific disease(s) being eradicated wholly and solely because of a specific vaccine, then obviously this really is just your opinion.

Profit always comes first in a for-profit company.

Serious advances in medicines were made in the last decades. More data is collected every year.
I would not want to go back to times where black pest was around with out any vaccines. A lot of suffering back then.

I don’t think you’ve successfully made the case. One in a million children died of COVID, on the average. That’s quite literally the same as the risk of being killed by a lightning strike.

Do you really think it’s worth risking using an untested vaccine, with largely-unknown risks, on every child, for such a miniscule natural risk?

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I agree that vaccinating children against covid19 is not necessary since they can handle the virus quite well.
For healthy adults it might be even debatable in the future as treatment for serious cases might get better.


Not directed at anyone, just an observation.

It seems like when people are asked about problems with Covid vaccines, they always answer by saying look at this other vaccine.

When they are asked to be specific, they say we don’t know yet.

Isn’t that the point?


I agree.

Limited trials were made with covid19 and data is available. But those trials were limited due to urgency.
This is why people often refer to previous vaccines as an example.

Some people opt out to wait for more data and that is understandable.
I understand why people have concerns. I had them too and made an decision to get vaccinated regardless. Everyone can do that. Get the vaccine or get infected. Two ways to be immune.
But those who have chosen not to get it might pay a heavy price as we can see in the US right now (some died from vaccines too, nobody denies it).

It wasn’t all bad. The Black Death gets a bad rap IMO.

Some new diseases can be very devastating. Even ‘just the flu’ was horrific when it started in 1918. That was a bit over 100 years ago.

Vaccines are new as are most of the infectious deceases compared to the length of human history.
Human expansion into natural habitat of wild animals and how we produce our food contributes to the spread of new viruses. It will get worse when some long forgotten viruses reemerge from melting ice due to climate change.

I did not mean to start a entranced debate in this thread. I tried to reply to questions directed at my post. I will be on my way now. :peace_symbol:

There is a third option. Don’t take the vaccine and don’t catch Covid.


I wonder how the chinless wonders in charge would cope with an actual plague?

This sort of thing was discussed in the other thread, and I can’t really figure out what the hell is going on here:

“The impact of COVID-19 has been especially severe among Black and Hispanic Americans, with about 3 in 10 saying they have a close friend or relative who has died from the coronavirus since March 2020.”

Even allowing for the fact that every dead person will have several close friends and relatives, that doesn’t seem to stack up. There are 100-odd million “black&Hispanic” Americans, and roughly 1800 deaths per million. Let’s say it’s 2500 per million for that demographic, so 250K deaths. That suggests each dead person having a close social circle of a few hundred (I’m assuming limited overlap because there are so few dead people). Have I got my math wrong, or are people including Facebook friends in their tally of "I have a relative who … "?

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Or: don’t take the vaccine, catch COVID, and get better.

The UK ONS are reporting that only ~4200 people died of COVID during the pandemic: those people had no other cause written on their death certificate. In other words, nearly all of the dead people had some “underlying condition” which contributed to their death. The implication is: make sure you don’t have an underlying condition, and you’ll probably be OK.

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Everyone has so many “friends” these days :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter me. Entranced debates can certainly be pleasantly hypnotizing.

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Yes. I was just pointing out that it isn’t certain that you’ll catch it.

Facebook friends are real friends.


Some info and interesting points:

The Dutch PM is a liar (like the rest):

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Crikey. I wouldn’t like to get into a disagreement with van Meijeren.

5522 deaths is certainly higher than the usual 28-day average for Scotland (about 4450), although there might be an innocuous explanation. I suppose, realistically, you’d have to do autopsies to discover if vaccines are a factor, but since vaccination is proceeding at such a clip, it would be prohibitively expensive to do that. So I guess it won’t be done.

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Good to see that guy taking a stand in the Netherlands. Sprung! :slight_smile: That Dutch PM is super greasy. So he’s saying the WEF plan is a “conspiracy theory”? It’s right there on their website. There’s no conspiracy if it’s in the open. Hope that PM gets his due ASAP.

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Funny :slight_smile:

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