The COVID humbug thread

Exactly. And both Lon Nol’s uniformed troops and Thaksin’s War on Drugs plainclothes officers allegedly shot only from 9 to 5, but… people died anyway, and both leaders ended up running for their lives (eventually).

Joe Politician may or may not own shares in Big Pharma, or Little Pharma, or Big Mask if that’s a thing now, but his main concern when weighing options is how does this affect my reelectability? Of course that’s not only based on polling. He also needs to consider internal party politics, donations, etc. But he’s a busy man, and he doesn’t have much time for conspiracies beyond the usual.

Now suppose he gets invited to a WEF meeting, and then what? He’s still Joe Politician and still trying to get reelected. While he’s there, he might meet higher ranking leaders or representatives of Big Whatever than he used to, and get lobbied by them (some people call that capitalism btw), but it’s a forum, not a planetary government body. Mr. Big Whatever CEO can wink at him and tell him there’s money to be made under the table or hidden in the table leg or maybe even over the table by endorsing Vaccine X, but if it doesn’t fit his own political plan, it doesn’t fit. (Stricter laws against conflicts of interest could help to deter this sort of thing btw, oh but then that would be government interference in the economy ergo communism, or something. :cactus: )

This is one of those things again, like the EU is the new RE. Okay sure, whatever. So if empires are automatically bad, the EU must be bad too. Okay, so abolish the EU. Oh but wait, does that actually make Europeans better off in the long run, or does it make it easier for Russia (with all its imperial tendencies) to take over? Everyone is between at least one rock and at least one hard place.

Members of a species organizing themselves into ever larger political units is a natural phenomenon. Family, village, “country”, empire… planet. It happens, sooner or later. It can be done well or badly or in between. Humans are still not ready for planetary government, but they’re not going to stop having global institutions, because why would they stop? They’ve had them in one form or another for a long time, and abolishing the institutions would in many cases be more hassle than keeping them going. When they fail spectacularly, it may be worth it to abolish them, but in general the way forward is to improve the institutions.

That’s still not the same thing as 1WG though, just like western countries having lockdowns isn’t the same thing as China “winning” Cold War II (as you said it had not that long ago).

You’re still giving them too much credit. They have more information than they know what to do with, but they have huge blind spots and are a long way from Borg-like real-time large-scale data processing.

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Okay, the Dutch Parliament clip is a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since the WEF members control the world’s media, then by parroting the WEF line, re-election is not a concern for Joe Politician.

TPTB can also ensure you don’t get re-elected.

I suspect that Joe Politician will fall in line pretty quick at that meeting.

Media fat cats being cozy with other fat cats is entirely believable, but who declared the WEF the be all and end all of fatcatism? The Bilderberg Group and all those other clubs don’t count anymore? :grandpa:

Good question! From memory, I think it was TIFFCO* who voted for that.

*The International Federation of Fat Cat Overlords

Or, this might be your answer. To be read in that movie trailer guy’s voice

“In a world where anyone who’s willing to pay can attend the World Economic Forum, where are the global elite supposed to gather and discuss matters too private for the 2,630 who gather in Davos, Switzerland? One answer is the Bilderberg Meeting, which starts Thursday at an undisclosed location in Hertfordshire, a county in southern England.”

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Pfft, they’re a bunch of wannabes.

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Where do temperature machine manufacturers fit into that picture? :slight_smile:

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The temp-- what? :astonished:

This is a public forum, Mr. Comment. :zipper_mouth_face:

Okay, let’s try this one: Doug Ford.

Since you’re from the bottom of the planet, I’ll try to jog your memory. Remember the world famous crackhead mayor of Toronto? That was his brother.

I think Doug is the one on the left, though it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, he’s now Premier of Ontario and currently in the news for refusing to endorse vaccine passports, which as any good student of conspiriology knows are a pillar of the New WEF Order. So what gives?

A) Doug’s not a fat cat.
B) Doug’s a real man with balls!
C) Doug’s team did the numbers and told him he would lose too many votes.

Or would you have me believe this uber-conspiracy’s tentacles just don’t reach into Toronto?

I’m in Taiwan.

If he’s not following WEF program then I’d say he’s an outlier. Rogues like him are becoming scarce.


Pax Romana, Man

Its because of the alternative.

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The limit of Empire in the past was basically imposed by the limits of global surveillance. It took days for a message to get from there to here, and you couldn’t fit much information in those messages. You therefore had to have trusted prefects running the provinces, and that tended to get ragged at the edges.

No such limits exist today.

Ah, but governments have now solved that thorny issue: mind control. Politicians who get with the programme have a whole raft of absolutely reliable tools at their disposal to make people think the right thoughts and vote for the right people. The only problem with this is that you (Joe Politician) have to hook into the Machine: if you want what everyone else wants, then you can ride the wave; good luck trying to use the same techniques as an outsider.

Watch what happens to that Canadian guy who opposes vaccine passports. He thinks he’s taking a brave stand, but I reckon he’s just lost his seat when voting time rolls around. Because brainwashing.

Wait, what? Governments are constrained by what laws, exactly? The general principle of Sovereignty is that governments can do whatever the feck they like within their own borders, with the only real law being “You and what army?”.

The experience of 2020 was pretty clear on this aspect. Governments will simply rewrite national laws as they see fit, to make whatever they want to do legal. If they can’t be bothered debating and constructing an actual law, they’ll just make up “rules” instead (see the other thread).

You’re reading too much into my statement, which was merely this: global empires exist, and are/were quite common. If someone has the intent to create a World Government (for whatever reason) it would be pathetically easy today - particularly given the high level of public compliance with silly rules.

So you’re saying that what’s happening now is inevitable, and we may as well just get used to it?

The general theme of this thread is that they have already failed spectacularly.

Sorry, still looks to like China is the big swinging dick in 2021, and everyone else is bowing and scraping like the court eunuchs.

I agree that they’re being misled by the data. They look at their silly dashboards of “cases” going up and down and imagine that their actions have something to do with it. So it’s lockdown on, lockdown off, important media conference, etc etc. But the problem is that they believe they are in control, and they’re performing drastic actions that have drastic results.

The fact that those results are completely disconnected with the thing they think they’re controlling is neither here nor there.

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Funny and tragic. Because it’s completely true.

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Ah, so you’re going with B… like those memes of Trump as a ripped superhero. :roll:

If you care to look into his record, you’ll find that he’s a flip-flopper, like most of them. He’ll sacrifice political capital if the other side of the scale is holding enough of the other sort of capital, as one would expect from the infinitely powerful uber-conspirators you guys keep insisting are running the show.

Which is what, death? Why so afraid?

I’m not sure what you mean here. Do you think I’m a Trump supporter/ worshiper? That I think Trump is ‘cool’ or something? I don’t know where you got that idea. I’ve never mentioned Trump, ever, in any post.

By ‘rogue’ I mean “a dishonest or unprincipled man.” He’s not pulling any strings. A puppet. He’s certainly not one of the top guys :rofl:

I’m pretty sure powerful people working together do run most things. You disagree? Why do you call it a ‘conspiracy,’ implying untruth?