The COVID humbug thread

That’s exactly why your argument fails: you’re still presenting everything in absolutist terms. If these tools were really so infallible, they would have succeeded in enslaving the world long ago.

I was already predicting his demise before Covid. But by all means, let’s revisit this next year. People “on both sides” will nag him about his handling of Covid, for sure, but refusal to endorse vaccine passports will be a footnote for most people (though some of his right and/or libertarian leaning supporters who will hold it up as an example of his awesomeness, and the more extreme germophobes will try to use it against him, unsuccessfully).

Um, your point is what exactly? My point is real conspiracies happen (in general) when politicians have conflicts of interest, usually involving money (or family, but that’s usually just to get them jobs i.e. to get them money). This used to be considered proper, but over time enough people complained that rules to limit conflicts of interest were devised, which of course have loopholes and workarounds, so there are more rules about those, and so on. There’s no perfect solution, but at the very least you can have FOI laws to reveal these things, and it is at the very least embarrassing when they do get revealed, and embarrassment often leads to electoral loss.

Oh, that’s your point? I don’t think we’re covering any new ground here, then.

No. False dichotomy again. I’m saying the interconnectedness of things on the planet – call it “globalism” if you want, though that’s a loaded term – is inevitable. How it happens is something people have a say in, to the extent that they have political (i.e. democratic) and economic power.

Once again, you’re setting the bar… spectacularly low. For me, a spectacular failure is along the lines of the League of Nations.

What, because Big Whatever goes out of its way to avoiding hurting the feelings of the Chinese people? That has limited relevance to Joe Human. For me, the test is, does the average person who can choose to live where he wants choose to live in X or not? If China were facing an epic immigrant/refugee crisis, I think we would have heard about it by now.

Then why hasn’t it already been done? You’re essentially saying evil geniuses have all the power and will succeed no matter what. And yet…

the evil geniuses are incompetent fools who can’t get anything right, not even their own wrongness. :yin_yang:

That reminds me of my own species. Like I’ve said before, we have the best technology and vast resources, yet every time we try to invade your pathetic little planet, it turns into a farce.


Dishonest politicians are becoming scarce, you say? That should be good then, as far as saving humanity from evil conspiracies is concerned! :rainbow:

No, that’s not what I said, or meant.

No, I call it an uber-conspiracy. See my comment to Comrade Finsky.

What do you mean by this term?

Something wrong with my eye today? I’m pretty sure I quoted you verbatim.

As I posted a few minutes ago:

Well, you didn’t. You wrote: “Dishonest politicians are becoming scarce.” That was what you wrote. I wrote, “Rogues like him are becoming scarce.” Maybe I should have used another word. However, I also described him as an outlier, so I think you probably grasped my intention, unless you’re simply arguing to be contrary :wink: Anyway, politician = dishonest in my book. Term is redundant.

What I’m saying is that people like him who don’t follow the TIFFCO lines get turfed. That makes him unpredictable and ultimately not what the big fellas prefer. They like their leaders falling in line. Doug Ford will probably drop dead of a heart attack any minute, or he’ll be out of office soon enough. Let’s see what happens, eh? Too soon to tell.

I don’t think you can use the example of Rob Ford to make the case that there’s no people above him who are running things. He’s insignificant in the whole scheme. Canada is well following the grand plan, just like all the other western countries. RF isn’t needed for much. He’s not ‘holding back the tide of the New World Order’ or anything.

Hope you can understand my point now.

And hey, I’m not claiming to know everything about how the world works, so…this is all just my opinion!

How does that follow if the tools only came into existence in the last 30 years or so? Mind-control tools were in their infancy when I graduated, but it was an active area of research; they’ve now been honed to something close to perfection. Same with the internet and IT in general - I work in a related field, and in my 20s I could not have imagined the reach and power of this technology today.

Anyway I think we’re rather going around in circles here. Your definition of competence appears to be different from mine.

My competent politician is merely someone who gets things done: someone who can issue orders and get other people (probably people smarter and more competent than he is) saying “yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir”.

Your competent politician (correct me if I’m wrong?) not only has a clear goal, but also knows how to achieve it and is so superhumanly competent that he actually does achieve it.

I brought up the 1917 revolution in Russia (and the following consolidation of power) because it was a classic example of an exceedingly competent group of people who knew how to get things done, but perhaps weren’t entirely sure what they wanted done, and certainly didn’t understand what would follow from their policies. Stalin firmed it all up, of course.

As things turned out, the intent was generally revised retrospectively to correspond to whatever happened in real life. Pretty much the same thing in Mao’s China. Nazi Germany was a rare example of competent people having clear goals, a clear plan, and efficient (ie., correct) follow-through. It was also a rare example of a government being upfront about nefarious intent.

Most politicians with a grand plan think that they’re on a mission to make things better, and they’ve decided to do it via methods A, B and C. They’re not intelligent enough or experienced enough to understand that A,B and C are likely to have completely different outcomes to the ones they envisage. When it all turns to crap, they’re usually so heavily invested that their only way out - psychologically speaking - is to pretend that the actual results are what they intended all along.

What I think we have in 2021 is something of a combination of bumbling fools who are merely along for the ride but nevertheless wield significant power, and a bunch of smart people who actually know what they’re doing. I’m not sure if the WEF manifesto accurately represents their intention. I suspect it’s more a propaganda tool to soften up the masses for something superficially similar, but … different.

It has been done. Game over. All our base belong to them. At this point they’re just tidying up loose ends.

Does the current situation not strike you as abnormal in any way? Do you not find it curious that the entire planetary power structure is speaking with one voice, and that that voice is (by and large) talking absolute nonsense?

Remember when they said boosters would only be for the old or sick?
Imagine that:

I say they probably want boosters 2 or 4 times a year for life.
F uck natural immune systems.
Will it eventually be daily a la Winston taking his daily potion?

Who needs 'em when you have vaccines? :rofl:

And let’s not forget that already up to 50% of population already had Covid immunity pre-vaccines, and with no known exposure to the virus.

Any answers?


Anton LaVey lookalike and lying psychopath:
Taking placebo is fully inoculated:



So, basically, all that matters is that you’ve been jabbed in the arm with a needle? In other words … you complied.

COVID deaths have been, like, zero in Israel since the beginning of May.

The entire sales pitch for the vaccine was “it won’t necessarily prevent you catching it or spreading it, but it’ll stop you getting seriously ill or dying”.

And yet now they’re blathering on about “cases”. Which they knew from the get-go would not necessarily be constrained by the vaccine.

OMG. Clearly, every other problem that Israel has needs to put on hold in order to deal with this national disaster.

So WTF is going on here? What is this booster shot supposed to do, exactly? Reduce deaths to a negative number?

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They are pushing RSV, flu and covie for this winter. More stories in the controlled media.
Amazing that RSV and flu are coming back after covie tricked them into vanishing for a year. Also amazing that all the restrictions have brought them back.
More of the same script to come over the last 18 months and worse.
And just a coincidence that Moderna are working on a triple whammy, of a RSV, flu and covie jab.

And the UK gov plan to spend 3.1 billion on anticoagulants.
I wonder why?

Ha, earlier I made a reference to Winston in 1984 and the potion or pill he has to take daily:

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wow. Oramed’s share price is about to skyrocket, I reckon.

No bedwetters:

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Meanwhile, Australians are considering bringing in military :gun: to ‘contain Delta,’ a scariant that has a CFR of 0.2% :runaway:

Hopefully at some point people will seek to preserve or reclaim as much of their lives as has been unnecessarily and forcibly taken away by these extremists in government.

The cult worshipers – the false idolators - of the elusive god of elimination are a modern day scourge on society.

If there’s any pandemic at all, then it’s one of Covid fanatics and zealots.

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Have to watch Soylent Green again.