The COVID humbug thread

So, it hasn’t happened yet.

So, it has happened, like 85% or something. There’s no way out. We’re doomed. Doomed! :runaway:

If they’re practically perfect, why haven’t they practically succeeded in wiping out dissent? (I suppose you’ll say they have, and the folks in this thread are the last holdouts, or something…)

People are working towards different goals, sometimes openly, sometimes not openly but knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. I don’t see “politicians” (or “government”) as a unified entity. So if you want to measure a politician’s competence, you need to ask, what is the person actually trying to achieve? And as we all know, the top priority is usually getting reelected, which makes the evaluation of success wrt other priorities debatable.

If we go with your theory that the goal of all politicians (or ~99% of them because the rest are about to get assassinated) is to turn all of humanity into slaves ASAP by way of coronamania, and the brainwashing tools are practically perfect, then it depends on what the definition of enslavement is. But with the extent of dissent regarding vaccines and lockdowns, obviously you need to set the bar quite low if you want to say this supposedly unified political entity is competent.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think we have different definitions of upfront, but that would be for another discussion.

So ~99% of them are not evil geniuses after all, just hopelessly naive idealists? And they’re not focussed on getting reelected? Or they are but only for naively altruistic reasons?

Yes, but not to the extent that I have trouble believing it’s real.

No, because (1) they’re not speaking with one voice, and (2) of course there’s a lot of nonsense being spoken – there bloody always is. :cactus:

You’re seeing what you want to see. The only certainty here is that there is something going on. We have no idea what it is. Most of the possibilities make no sense at all.

Do you have an alternative theory that makes sense, apart from “everything is completely normal”?

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I’ll try it again:

  • Before the 21st century, they didn’t have the tools to create truly global Empires.
  • The tools that empire-builders required to create the perfect Empire were developed during the latter part of the 20th century. They have been ready for prime time for maybe 30 years.

We’re only doomed if people go mindlessly along with it, as pithily expressed by “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and similar aphorisms.

Unfortunately most people probably will go along with it, because that’s what brainwashing is supposed to do.

I think you’re being deliberately disingenuous here. Youtube and Twitter? Journalistic campaigns that persistently paint anybody who disagrees with the narratives as covidiots, antivaxers, far-rightists, Trump supporters, and similar? “Wiping out dissent” is not done these days by throwing people in jail. That’s just too 1950s.

Indeed. So when I see a global cabal of politicans all doing the same thing - creating misery, mayhem, and poverty - I have to assume that that is their goal. If it wasn’t their goal, why would they observe the results of their actions and carry on doing it for months on end?

We covered that one. They can get re-elected by signing up for the new global religion. Since everyone is now a member, they can be relied upon to vote for the politicians on the bandwagon.

I could be wrong, but I’m also wondering if the time is ripe for mass vote-rigging. Some countries have been talking about denying access to the polls for the unvaccinated.

Well yeees. My unscientific survey suggests that a lot of people are very happy about lockdowns etc. They like feeling ‘safe’, and they like bullying their neighbours over mask protocols, and similar nonsense.

I’m not sure how this follows. It’s hard to tell what the level of dissent even is, because it goes largely unreported. And in any case, expressions of impotent outrage are no threat at all to the ruling classes. They never have been. That, I think, is where dictators tend to foul up. Let the plebs whinge and moan; they’ll still do as they’re told eventually. Putting people in jail costs money, and it creates fanatics.

Something like that. Politicians usually get into politics because they want to “help people” or similar nonsense. Then they discover that that’s not what politics is about (rather like being a doctor). But those who have talent and rise to positions of power sometimes resdiscover their ideals. Unfortunately, because they have no idea how the world works - because they studied Greek and History at Oxford and have never even had a real job - all they do is make things worse. It’s like letting a five-year-old fix a nuclear reactor.

Not sure what you mean by this. I’m painfully aware that it’s all real.

Perhaps you don’t watch TV much?

You can go to any country on the planet today and hear the same phrases being spoken, and the same “logic” being deployed for the same policies. Every action that anybody ever performs is about COVID.

TL;DR: “They” may be evil geniuses, or they may be do-gooders who want to set the world to rights (but don’t know how), or some combination of the two. Either way the end result is the same: a reversal of human progress, social chaos, and overreaching government, all enabled by a morally-bereft and fearful population.

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No coffee


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Only rock stars can die young honorably.

A whistleblower in the US claims the reported deaths from the inoculations is 5 times higher in this lawsuit:

If you do actually want an answer, my honest guess would be that it relates to detection limits - I suspect that the amount of virus needed to infect someone is a couple of orders of magnitude lower than the amount needed to get a reliable PCR test result, necessitating swabbing to increase the amount of viral RNA present in the original sample.

People still march in the street to protest lockdowns and vaccines (ymmv by jurisdiction of course). Mr. Cake still gets a daily dose of coronaskeptic content from Twitter and posts the highlights here (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Youtube and twitter have wiped out nothing.

Okay, time for a little obscenity: What do you suppose Trump’s priorities were in 2016? I still buy that he was not trying to win the election but trying to boost his brand, which he succeeded at, beyond his wildest dreams. In that sense he was very competent. By most conventional measures he’s an idiot. But he’s very good at putting on a show and at duping certain kinds of people. He promised a Great Great Wall. He delivered crappy pieces of fence that fell down. He promised a Total and Complete Shutdown of Muslim Immigration. He delivered some restrictions but nothing close to what he promised. He promised the best healthcare in the world and total repeal of Obamacare… you get the idea. By most conventional measures he was a very lousy politician, even if one agrees with all his policy positions. And of course he failed the big test: reelection (and he probably really was trying the second time). But what he succeeded at the most, the way you would probably look at it, is creating chaos. Does he care about chaos? He might, if he thinks it can benefit him, but it’s not the point, just a side effect of some of the things he does.

In other words, it’s kind of like confusing correlation and causation.

That wouldn’t make sense even if it were true. If everyone is a member, you still need to compete against other members, meaning you have nothing resembling a guarantee. As long as the election works by conventional standards, you are at the mercy of the electorate.

I could be wrong, but I’m also wondering if the time is ripe for mass vote-rigging. Some countries have been talking about denying access to the polls for the unvaccinated.

Western countries in general have been carrying on with elections on schedule. There are more hiccups than usual, but democracy persists. In not-so-western places, seeing election “delays” due to Covid is not surprising at all, but then one shouldn’t be surprised at any excuse they come up with.

There’s a lot that goes on that people are “happy” (or at least not complaining) about because they don’t really understand it. We don’t even know how much money gets diverted to things people wouldn’t allow it to get diverted to if they really knew what was going on, because the amounts are vast and the methods of diversion varied. So in a sense, people are “enslaved” anyway, as long as they’re getting robbed and not complaining… but that’s been going on since long, long before Covid.

I still call it a low bar for the definition of enslavement.

I don’t have time to figure out which channel the Elbonian news is on. I do take in mainstream news from multiple countries regularly, and I do note the authorities in different jurisdictions are definitely not all on the same page.

A quotation is a quotation. A comment is a comment. When I quoted you, I quoted you verbatim. Your dissatisfaction with my comment doesn’t change the fact that the quotes were verbatim.

I hope you can understand my point now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:+1: Excellent response! Thank you.

Yes! From what I can see you just misunderstood me. No probs.

Have a wonderful day :sun_with_face:

Er…the alternative would seem to be telling your control group they are the control group, and then enforcing a lower level of exposure on them.

Not so much a double blind trial as a doubly jeopardised trial.

I’m pretty certain they have to now tell people who is (was) in which group, for ethical reasons. Since the vaccine has been shown to work (for a narrow definition of “works”) people who were unvaxxed in the original trials should be given the option of taking a legit vaccine. It’s possible they already have, of course, in which case I don’t really understand the point of the clip.

Try putting up a video of you doing nothing else except saying the word ‘Ivermectin’. If you want to spend a bit more time on it, try putting up a video showing that the vaccines are associated with excess miscarriages in early pregnancy (yes, really - I was genuinely surprised). Link is here:

Then watch how fast your video gets removed for ‘violating the terms of service’.

But I think you know this already.

People are allowed to march because, at the end of the day, what difference does it make? TPTB let people vent because they know that (eventually) they’ll just settle into sullen compliance. The fact is, if you don’t have the Number of the Beast on your cellphone, some drone at the supermarket will tell you that you can’t come in. The beauty of that arrangement is that you don’t need to pay salaries for a massive Secret Police infrastructure.

I think this is the closest you’ll ever get to agreeing with me.

I pretty much said all this already, except without mentioning the word ‘Trump’. He was indeed a textbook example of someone who is/was both competent and useless, and what you wrote there is just the definition of a politician: good at saying the right words, completely hopeless at delivering. At best they deliver nothing at all; at worst they deliver a shambles. Trump was just a Politician with a capital P.

At this point perhaps we part ways, because you seem to be saying that chaos was merely “correlated” with the Trump presidency and wasn’t caused by it.

Just because someone caused something they didn’t intend does not mean that they didn’t cause it. And it’s possible that our current COVID meltdown is merely incompetence writ large. I don’t think so; I think it’s all absolutely intentional. It’s far too directed and cohesive to be a mistake. But I could be wrong. In the end it doesn’t even matter why it’s happening. The fact that it is happening is the problem.

By ‘everyone’, I mean the general public. Something like 60-70% of the great unwashed either wholeheartedly believe the narrative, or are afraid (with very good reason) that they will be ostracised if they don’t support it.

But holding elections more-or-less on schedule is not the sum total of Democracy. Even the crappiest banana republic can usually manage that.

True enough. Have you been watching too many of @Cake’s videos? But the thing is - perhaps they’re going to take it to the next level?

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If the trial is over, OK, then its over, and is no longer relevant

If it isn’t, it’d be fatally compromised by not treating the control group exactly the same as the treatment group.

So (just going by the title cos I havn’t watched it), I’d say the point of the clip is probably COVOID countermeasure denial.

The MAN doesn’t have an absolute monopoly on marketing.

Of course it’s over - almost 4 billion doses have been given worldwide. The early trials are of no relevance at all.

The point of the clip was to suggest that it’s stupid giving a vaccine passport to people who haven’t been vaccinated - nothing to do with “COVID countermeasures” at all. Why are you commenting on something you haven’t even watched? It’s bloody irritating when people do that.

But possibly it’s been taken out of context and the people in those control groups were, in fact, vaccinated at some later date.

If a vaccine passport is not part of COVOID countermeasures (wee misquote above) what is it part of ? The Lizard People Conspiracy?

Re your irritation, I told you what I did, full disclosure stylee,

I was commenting on the facts presented here in writing. I dont always feel I need, and cant always be bothered, to watch a video for that. I am not Ronald Reagan. Since you don’t know what the point of it was it seems I didn’t miss much

You find that bloody irritating OK. You’ll get over it

If you’re going to comment on something, at least do people the courtesy of finding out what’s being discussed. You’ve completely missed the point.

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This may well be true - it’s well-known that the reporting systems for adverse effects of medications are really not very efficient - but without seeing the data it’s hard to make any sort of objective judgement. And the unfortunate fact is that the vaccine manufacturers aren’t bothering to check. Why would they? It doesn’t matter to them. They have complete legal immunity.

Some of the research papers that are trickling out suggest serious adverse effects in the 1:100,000 ballpark. Deaths … very hard to tell, because they do appear to be genuinely infrequent (but not zero). You would need data from millions of test subjects for a reliable result.

Cooking the books?:

‘The vaccine passport will only be for vaccines’
Social Credit system a la CCP:

Vancouver airport apparently:

If they are going to do this, why stop at only this?
Shouldn’t we know the health status of everyone from passengers to workers you come across?
Shouldn’t I know if someone has a communicable disease? An STD, HIV, common cold, hepatitis… Or how about hypertension, fatty liver, arthritis…takes medication daily, doesn’t exercise, eats junk food…etc?

The flu vanished last year. Anything to do with this?