The Cricket Thread

@BiggusDickus, are you enjoying the carnage at Lord’s?

85 :angry: Murtagh sigh 5 -13 , that ball moving around nicely. A fact that the english batsmen seemed to have missed , along with the ball.

What the eff is going on? How can you win a world cup and then get skittled by a bunch of part timers?

Who knows? Ireland may be all out before tea.

I feel for the punters who bought 5-day tickets. :smile:

I suppose at that rate , it could be changed to the best of five ?

It’s going to be interesting. England has REALLY good bowlers.

Come on the eye-rush.

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It’s only a four day test. Not that that matters in these circumstances. I went to Lords with my brother yesterday. Afterwards he kindly treated me to a Michelin starred restaurant on the other side of London called Brat which was incredible. It’s in Shoreditch where I used to go to a kick-boxing class and 20 years ago was a pub with strippers. Needles on the floor kind of place. Now, the area is ridiculous. I kid you not there was a restaurant called Totally Vegan. It’s mind-blowing how the area has changed.

Watching it on TV with my dad today. Looks like it’s going to be a rain interrupted day. It should be exciting and could go either way, although Ireland are favourites.

Well that’s sounds fantastic and I hope you enjoy it all . I am not jealous at all . You Judas bast*rd :blush:

My mate, who works in wine, joined us and brought a 1970 bottle of Rioja. Which was nice.

Nigel Slater was in there and we sent him over a glass to thank him for his contribution to British cooking. He came over for a chat. Bloody nice bloke.

I am still not jealous :face_with_raised_eyebrow:I shall look for a, “Tim nice but dim “ clip. Judas .

If you ever manage to book a table I recommend the lamb cutlets which are salty and pink and incredible, followed by the whole turbot which has been slow-roasted and then finished off in a pizza oven. Sounds crazy, but it works.

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Well this has been bizarre.

Ireland 38 all out. What a clusterfuck.


Sorry if this is a lame question, but what’s cricket?

It’s an insect. Now carry on watching basketball.

To be fair to Ireland the ball was moving about all over the place.

I was saying to my dad as their nightmare unfolded that one of them needed to go out and slog. Easier said than done, though.

What’s that? Does it involve squashing crickets?