The Crowded Presidential 2024 Election Thread

Well that’s CNN for you. The actual debate was tepid. Maybe they’ll hire Vivek when he finally concedes that he’s full of shit. Right up their alley.

So entertaining. Politics is a circus and he is being a prick. God I am glad he isn’t the candidate but so glad he’s stirring shit in the debates.

V goes after here for such links…like I said–on all fours to WEF

Citizen Free Press on X: “Vivek goes scorched earth on Nikki Haley and the establishment GOP: “Nikki, you were bankrupt when you left the UN. Now you’re a multi-millionaire, that math does not add up. When I said they were bought and paid for, I meant the Republican establishment, not the Democrats.”” / X (

Cernovich on X: “No one but Vivek could pull this off as they couldn’t Name 3, either.” / X (

I wonder if he’s just acting as a wrecking ball for Trump.

I’m surprised that no one just hit back at his wonderful geography skills and asked to see his spelling bee trophies.

Yes, probably too old.

Trump has lost two elections now. Losing elections is never a good thing in politics.

He lost 2020, and I lay the loss of the Senate in 2022 at his feet, too - as well as the lackluster win in the House. Biggest hurdle with Trump is that his personality makes it impossible to recruit quality candidates for Congress, candidates who can win their district or their state.

That said, if the Democrats run Biden again I’ll vote for Trump in a heartbeat, too.

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Clifford May writes a speech that he thinks Biden should make as soon as possible. It’s a good speech, one that would break his pattern of speaking exclusively to Democrats.

I think that Biden is inherently too timid to make one like it, possibly due to his long service in the US Senate. However, see also Bagram AFB.

I have to think that such a speech might unfreeze the rudder of his polling, might right the ship for a prez whose campaign promise in 2020 was to unite the nation.

Again, this is a speech that the FDD (Foundation for Defense of Democracies) wishes Biden would make (I’m quoting just the end; lots more at the link). These are not (yet) the words of President Biden.

"…To my disappointment, Xi Jinping is backing both Moscow and Tehran while continuing to threaten the people of Taiwan.

It’s now clear to me that America and its allies face no greater threat than that posed by the axis of Chinese Communists, Russian imperialists, and Islamic Republic of Iran jihadis.

So, America and its allies must have the military and economic strength to deter our adversaries.

How will you know that I’m doing what’s necessary to meet this most serious of challenges? As my father used to say: “Joey, don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget. I’ll tell you what you value.”

Stay tuned.

My final word for today: Last month, I was the first U.S. president to visit Israel in a time of war.

I reminded Israelis that one of my predecessors, President Harry S. Truman, was the first world leader to recognize Israel. I said that Americans have “stood by her ever since” and I promised that “we’re going to stand by her now.”

I intend to keep my promise as Israelis do the hard job of finishing the war that Hamas – and its terrorist sponsors – started."

Funkdoobiest :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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A truly most excellent take on the state of the union.

A real moment with Vivek…


We are all doomed.

EIGHT YEARS after Hillary vs. Donald, America can’t do better than Biden and Trump?

Yes, that’s generally the way it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

He sure nails Canada

Kevin - WE THE PEOPLE​:heart: - DAD​:lion: :dragon: :fire: on X: “:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:Do you wanna know who @JustinTrudeau really is? Listen to @VivekGRamaswamy expose and destroy him​:point_down: “He’s a pawn for a managerial class both within and outside Canada that uses people like him to advance a transnational GLOBALIST agenda that has a single hegemonic view…” / X (

This would be farcical stuff except for the guy will actually have huge power if elected again .
How can people vote for somebody like that ?
I mean even if it was a candidate for your local council you wouldn’t vote for them because it’s just bat shit crazy stuff .

Clown show for one of the worlds most important countries.

There’s a basket full of reasons, some people are racist for example

A bit of good news for Americans here at the end of 2023. This from a border state that is also a swing state, Arizona.

Happy 2024! :boom:

AZ Presidential 12 2023 VCreekMemo

Donald Trump, and Nikki Haley lead Joe Biden in a test of Presidential General Election matchups and Kari Lake leads in a potential U.S. Senate matchup.

Two key variables going forward are:

  1. The 13% Undecided (Persuadable) voters.
  2. The effect of increased volume, frequency and intensity of negative news coverage of Trump as the media put more focus on the candidates/nominees.

In a ‘Head-to-Head’ ballot test, Trump leads Biden 46% to 41% with 5% Unsure and 8% indicating “Neither” even though “Neither” was not directly offered as an option. (Question text appended below)

In a second scenario with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the ballot, Trump dropped to 40%, Biden 35%, Kennedy 16%, Unsure 6%, and “Someone Else” 3%. Here again, “Someone Else” was not directly offered as an option.

In a test of a very wide ballot, Trump maintained at 40%, Biden dropped to 32%, and Kennedy dropped to 9%. Joe Manchin received 4%, Cornell West 3%, Jill Stein 2%, Unsure 7% and 3%indicated Someone Else.

On the last Presidential variation tested, Nikki Haley topped Joe Biden 37% to 30% with 8% Unsure and 25% indicating Someone Else.

Vivek’s command of history and language harkens back to an older time, when politicians and political commentators didn’t have room temperature IQs and were capable of being great public speakers and debaters. Think William F. Buckley Jr.

Ian Miles Cheong on X: “Vivek’s command of history and language harkens back to an older time, when politicians and political commentators didn’t have room temperature IQs and were capable of being great public speakers and debaters. Think William F. Buckley Jr.” / X (

Last debate on CNN. NH and RD.

NH is sounding good.

RD is sounding douchey. Actually sounds like he’s looking for the VP cupping the Don’s balls.

Seems like substance versus sound bites.

The last 30 minutes seems to be CNN pining over Trump brushing them off.

And Trump rolls out an old favorite:

Trump returns to birther conspiracy theories in new attacks on Haley

Former President Trump promoted a false conspiracy theory questioning 2024 rival Nikki Haley’s eligibility to serve as president in a social media post as he escalates his attacks on his former United Nations ambassador.

Trump on Monday reposted a report from the right-wing website The Gateway Pundit that suggested Haley was not a U.S. citizen because her parents, who immigrated from India, were not citizens at the time of her birth.