The Crowded Presidential 2024 Election Thread

Given his latest remarks, it looks like Biden may have decided to shore up his left flank before the heavy campaigning begins.

Seems possible that long time US support for Israel becomes a casualty of Biden’s doddering last week. Biden seems to be getting cold feet in the face of EU frustration with the US arming the IDF and the American left’s choosing Palestinian lives over those of Israelis.

If so, then Taiwan take note. US support for Israel is about as old and as solid as its support for the ROC. If US relations with Israel change, then it’s possible that Biden can be pushed away from Taiwan, too. For example, if support for Taiwan becomes unpopular on TikTok.

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CIA, Italian post-war elections, AFL/CIA, BLM, John Podesta, yadayadayada

Watching CNN and they did a count down to the polls closing 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 aaaaaaand “CNN has a projection that Donald Trump has won South Carolina”. They didn’t even wait for any if the votes to be counted lol.

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