The Crowded Presidential 2024 Election Thread

Looks like some POC are turning against democrats. Blacks being replaced by illegal migrants.

And Clinton lied under oath about blowjobs. It’s a technicality. There are plenty of things you could go to Trump after, but trying to hide an affair from his long-suffering wife is not one of them. It’s trivial.

If presidents aren’t held accountable for perjury or falsifying business records then why should the people be?

It’s like getting Al Capone on tax evasion.

Trophy wife for VP!

Of course it will never happen. Melania would veto the very idea in catfight.

By some calculations the average American commits 3 felonies a day. Have you ever hired a babysitter or had a kid mow your lawn in exchange for cash? Congratulations, you committed tax fraud and violated labor laws.

I am sure the figure is even higher for businessmen and politicians who unwittingly break laws - technically - all the time.

I know that Trump broke the law, but come on - 34 felonies? 34?! You could probably just wrap all of those into 1. No need for the other 33, many of those overlap and are redundant.

History shows swapping candidates is a losing game for Democrats

I’m someone and I do.

Why do you care so much about other people’s sex lives? The personal life of a politician is very low on my list of priorities. Do I care about my doctor’s or bank manager or teacher or lawyer’s private lives? All I care about is they just do their damn job. The rest is none of my business. A politician should be a competent administrator and diplomat - I demand basic competence on the job, any job. I don’t expect a paragon of moral virtue. There would be no one left if I did.

Why do you care what I care?

I certainly don’t have to explain myself to you. I refer you to my Mike Tyson face tattoo anecdote.

And this.

I don’t always agree with Cenk Uygur, but he nails this one to the floor

9:21 lol


Piers Morgan going on like hes been the voice of reason regarding Bidens mental deterioration while everyone else in the media was gaslighting.

Always the way when it finally becomes too obvious the media have spent years lying to everyone they claim they knew and they didn’t believe the gaslighting.

Thats not how I remember things though and the same people who were being gaslit back then are still people being gaslit now, just on something else or 3.

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The entire Democratic Party has dementia. That’s why they can’t make the obvious, rational decision to put Joe out to pasture before he wets his pants on live national television.

He’s doing pretty good work these days. I wouldn’t be too hard on him

This is what the election is really about. not democracy. Now it’s about white male Christian supremacy.

Joy Reid: Anything With An “R” On It Is Toxic, “This Is About Keeping White Male Christian Dominance Out Of Power” | Video | RealClearPolitics

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How can Russian disinformation be any worse than just relying on my lying eyes?

Looks like the new talking points are out!

Or, as Joy Reid says, NAZI!

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Two weeks now since President Biden gave us a glimpse into the state of his health. At this point in the past, the Democrats have always run well ahead of the Republican, who usually enjoys a bump after the GOP convention and then has to earn a win the hard way.

I still find it hard to believe the Democrats, the deep state, national security “experts,” and the DOJ will be unsuccessful in what is sure to be a coordinated, well-funded effort to beat former president Trump in November.

But it’s looking about as good as possible right now (i.e., Biden fights as long as possible to win the nomination). :sweat_smile:

A new Washington Post-ABC News-Ipsos poll found that 56% of Democrats say Biden should end his candidacy, compared with 42% who say he should continue. Asked about who would be best to take Biden’s place, 29% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents mentioned Harris, while 7% said California Gov. Gavin Newsom and 4% named former first lady Michelle Obama.

Despite the concerns about Biden, the poll found the president tied with Trump among all registered voters, with 46% each.

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Well, the lies-n-smears are flying fast.

Fact check: Biden campaign falsely describes J.D. Vance quote about Heritage Foundation (

Facts First: Both of the Biden campaign posts are false. The full video of Vance’s speech to the Heritage Foundation shows that he did not mention Project 2025, abortion, or Social Security at all; the 2023 speech was almost entirely about foreign policy, with a dash of criticism of progressives. And the Biden campaign misleadingly edited the Vance sentence it purported to quote, using ellipses to omit the fact that Vance was broadly praising the Heritage Foundation’s work over the last five decades rather than endorsing any particular recent initiative or proposal.

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

The Fail Nail Presser today at 6:30.

President Biden Holds a News Conference at the NATO Summit |

President Biden holds a news conference on the final day of a NATO 75th anniversary summit in Washington, D.C. amid calls from some Democrats to step aside following his debate performance in Atlanta last month and concerns over his health.

Interesting that they’re smearing Vance already, not Mario Rubio. I suppose Vance being a white male makes him an easy target among voters living in alphabet city.

Project 2025, Schumer calling for the DOJ to investigate Justice Thomas, the “Christian white nationalists” talking points popping up in their media: yeah, it’s begun.