The CSI Thread (Miami, LA, NY) - Schedules and Discussion

Thanks for the tip off. I would have missed it for sure. I am usually on Star World on Mondays!

Thanks Titmouse.

I watched William and Mary for the first time last night on ABCAsia. Its everything American sit coms are not. Don’t go looking for fast pace and quick one liners. Its just a steady ride.

i find the whole show to be rather preachy, like a medical commercial. but i think caruso really overacts. i keep telling myself this is what rick astley will look like in 10 years. what’s up with CSIM?
all in all, i kick myself for getting caught up watching this stuff.

caruso is NOT an actor. At least not a good one. He constantly overacts and makes it unbearable for me to watch just about anything he is on. I love CSI NY and LV but I can’t stand Miami because of him.

and he does the neck thing. makes him look like a chicken. bad posture for a lead star.

I hate the guy. He never looks at anyone when he speaks. Rude. And all the other characters in Miami are way too sanctimonious for their own good.

Oh the BEST was when he drove his Hummer out of that building as it was being demolished!!!

Yapoweeeeeee!!! KA-brigsh! WaFOOOM!

Will he make it… will he make it… YES!!!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray-tio!

the guy’s a total narcissist! so affected. can’t stop watching the damn show though!

By far the weakest series in the franchise, Caruso is inded getting more and more unbearable. Ever since Rory left, the show has suffered. The pair of boobs called Miss Beuna Vista is completely laughable. Where the fuck did they get her? Come to think of it, that skinny little guy is a twerp too. Callie Duquesne is grating on my nerves as well. She was so cool in West Wing, but I am really starting to hate her in CSIM.

I also deplore the writers’ attempts at keeping us informed. It’s always some awkward explaination to someone who doesn’t need to know the information. Like here we are (again) around the water cooler, chatting about the evidence. OOOOOOOOOO!!! Deeeeeeep!

Yeah, I still d/l and archive it. But it’s typhoon day material now.

just can’t get the sopranos for rent otherwise i’d be doing that. sopranos are only for sale where i am, and i figure why shell out 2000NT when i can rent them for like 120NT per season?

Erhu, take note of how many Americans are attacking the GingerMinger

Definitely the worst in the CSI trio. I’m a-gonna puke if he takes off his sunglasses again in that silly affected way of his. Then there’s the internal plotlines; him marrying the cancer stricken girl who’s his employees sister, his lost brother who’s all screwed up with clandestine government operations, the various half asses screwed up romances, etc.

That show is like a fashion show a la Miami Vice. I guess if you’re a cop in Miami you have to be well dressed. I do like the wardrobe but don’t believe it.

I’m a little sick of CSI. I think I like New York the best because the characters are more believable. Every show on all series seems to be about the same. I’m really sick of the animated graphics depicting gory stuff. The weathers getting nicer and I don’t have time for TV

He’s had trouble with his neck ever since Rambo kicked his ass in [i]First Blood.[/i]

“Looks like someone’s been…” (takes off his sunglasses again in that silly affected way of his) “…murdered.”


I like him the best. Better than the deaf guy. I can’t even watch the New York one as my TV’s old and even with the brightness on full you can barely make out what’s happening.

That’s a shame, Sandman. CSI-NY has loads of nude women in it.

I never could understand why people would watch bad crap and then spend time discussing how bad it is. Sell your TV and pick up some hobbies. Your life will be the better for it. :wink:

If you don’t have a TV how d’you know CSI is crap? Bloody pretentious. That’s even more pretentious than me not having cable. :wink:

He’s always been a prick … even in NY PD blues and all his other stuff he did …

He’s a hottie.