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Yeah, ‘red’ hot :slight_smile:

Mmm. The ideal Butterboy. Despite being a ginga. I may have been in Asia too long.

Is he as good as this guy?

I mean, come on, who can compare to this acting:

And who else can wear a collar that sticks up like an open toilet seat?

[quote=“Groo”]Is he as good as this guy?

I mean, come on, who can compare to this acting:

And who else can wear a collar that sticks up like an open toilet seat?


*** SELF FLAME ***

How dare you talk about the god of 80’s TV. May the Germans invade your country!

He wasn’t too bad in Proof of Life.

The car acted better then he did … :slight_smile:

Cars always act well.

I was watching CSI last night which were supposed to be the last two episodes (23 & 24) of Season 7 according to the AXN Schedule.
I only caught the last one that started at 9:00pm (which was supposed to be E24) and was wondering about the cliffhanger at the end. When I checked on IMDB I found that the descripton matches E23, not E24.

So, what happened to E24? Did AXN screw up or is IMDB wrong?

Would appreciate if you don’t give away too much in your responses, in particular not the ending related to E24. :sunglasses:

Yep, AXN is playing with us, whipping up enthusiasm (:snore:) for the “big cliffhanger episode”.
I prefer to check the reviews at and save myself the aggravation.

Last night’s episode was quite exciting, and it was really a cliffhanger in many senses, leaving lots of issues unsolved and many losse ends. Pity that AXN punishes viewers with so many commercial breaks, instead of looong ones. Really messes up the fast pace tempo of this episode.

Anyone wants to exchange CSI novels?

So will the last episode be shown at all or did they just screw us?

Darth Vader is Luke’s father

Last episode was shown last night at 9, repeat Sunday at midday and at seven.

Wait for next season. In the meantime, watch csifiles to avoid aggravation of waiting till the last minute to find if … (you know what happened to you know who and how they would react when they know what we know)

Spoiler: the sled!

There you go - the real E24 was screened tonight. But it had a cliffhanger, too.

CSI Season 8 will start Sept. 27th in the US.

Many changes have been announced, and the producers call this “a year of transition”.

Probably not until mid-season, but at least they have made their choice -other candidates were John Malkovich and Kurt Russel.

More at:

For those of you watching the local broadcast on AXN, the last episode with Petersen as Grissom will be broadcasted locally in two weeks, on [color=#400000]May 4th.[/color]

And it did not last… … eaves-csi/

Ted Danson will be reportedly replacing Fishburn on CSI this fall. Hmmmm…I just can’t see it after ten years on Cheers and Three Men and a Baby. Doesn’t strike me as a credible dramatic actor for CSI. This might be the final death knell for CSI. I wish Billy Peterson would return full time.

I’m surprised he’d return to network with his double duty on HBO keeping him busyish.