The CSPAN Raw News Thread— Trump Goes Waco

State Department Spokesman Ned Price briefs reporters and responds to questions on a range of foreign policy issues, including stability in Pakistan, Chinese spying, and the confirmation of an ambassador to India.

Sadly, Ned’s last day, I think. But man, this is why I don’t watch Tucker or any other news show. Just get it from the top.

The stuff he says about Taiwan and China in here are well worth the watch. Taiwan must be armed to “keep the status quo.” Price seems to be speaking directly to the Chinese Foreign Minister.

Good stuff with a truly competent spokesperson. :nerd_face: :bowing:

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TikTok on CSPAN

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified on the social media company’s consumer privacy and data security practices and its relationship with the Chinese government at a House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing.

Reps. Nehls (R-TX), Miller (R-IL), Luna (R-FL), and others hold a news conference on calls for a nationwide TikTok ban.

Closing questions now. Good long back and forths. Is tiktok bad for dumb people? Does tiktok make people dumb? Dumber?

TikTok CEO Testifies, Is Pressed on App’s Chinese Ties at House Hearing - WSJ

I’m sure some good soundbites will come out of this, but the Does TT have the capability to use a user’s camera to measure their PUPIL DILATION in order to modify targeted advertising really made the hair on my neck stand up.

I mean, does tiktok do exactly just like the CCP surveillance apparatus does?


TikTok faces uncertain future after 5-hour congressional thrashing (

Exposing how China does business is good for business.

Winner: Bipartisanship and good old-fashioned civility

Shou Chew did something rare in today’s Congress: He united Democrats and Republicans on the Energy and Commerce committee in a bipartisan condemnation of TikTok.

From the start of the hearing, this consensus was evident: “Let me say that I agree with much of what you just said,” Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), the ranking member on the committee, said in response to the Republican committee chair’s opening statement. Two hours later, Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) made light of the grilling Chew had been enduring: “Welcome to the most bipartisan committee in Congress. We may not always agree on how to get there, but we care about our national security, we care about our economy, and we sure as heck care about our children.” And later, when Cardenas took a break after asking about how much investment TikTok was planning to make in moderating Spanish-language content, disinformation, and deadly or dangerous content, he chided Chew: “It might sound a little funny, but you have in fact been one of the few people to unite this committee — members, Republicans and Democrats — to be in agreement that we are frustrated with TikTok. We are upset with TikTok.”

That same sentiment continued to pop up throughout the more than four hours of questioning and points to the larger problem TikTok has: It doesn’t have the active support of anything close to a significant number of members of Congress, and it is in a convenient position for members to show their tough-on-China credentials. —CP

It’s as bad as you’d expect.

Something about lawyers are the good guys and he’s the most innocent man in the country. :no_mouth:

And this:

I will implement a four-year plan to phase out all Chinese imports of essential goods and gain total independence from China," he promised.

Ha. Right.

Even better we dont mistakenly call Tucker and friends (which means the left as wrll) “news”. they are opinion click bait, at best. as entertaining as the simpsons, and probably even slightly less relevant. In.comparison to them, south park does a better job at reporting the “news”.

my worry about the trump thing is that he was bat shit before being president, he was bat shit while president and he is still bat shit. the issue isnt that, it is that the leftish bat shits might disregard the severity of the chinese oppression regime because they are bat shit enough to keep watching the right batshit spokesman and totally disregard logic and common sense. which have been happening for a very long time.

divorce the gang, and marry the data. we are fucked otherwise.

C-Span video less than three months before “COVID,” October 29, 2019, Fauci and friends discuss how we can get a roll-out of a quickly-developed, barely-tested MRNA “universal flu vaccine” out to an unwilling population.

“We need a disruptive event,” they conclude.

Are you concluding it was a setup?

Watch the conference and make your own conclusions.

Nah. The spirit of this thread is news just right now. Live feeds and such things.

I have no interest in covid. It’s over. It was over when we went back to school in 2021.