The Daily Edition on CNN comedy show

Just saw this show. It was great.

I find it unbeliveable that anyone could still support Bush.

They showed an interview where someone asked him about a 12 billion cut to school budget. And he acted as if he didn’t understand the question. And then he starts to complain about his ear piece not working :fume: …needless to say he didn’t attempt to answer the question…And no…it wasn’t an editing job. Bush is joke enough without needing to edit.

But I’m getting off topic. The reason this is in A&E and not political is because I just wanted to ask when this show is on so I don’t miss it in the future.

This show gets juggled arround in terms of airtime. Currently, I watch it on Saturday at 2:30 PM and 11:30PM Taiwan Time. Not sure if it airs on Sunday.

Great Stuff! :smiley:

They change it around a bit but it’s usually on 1130 saturday night. I think it’s the only news program that makes any sense to me. The host, Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars this year, if you care about that sort of thing…

I think it also airs at 3:30 pm on Sundays. Best show on TV IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a link to the Daily Show. It has quite a lot of info on the show including video clips. … ndex.jhtml

The official CNN website has the following show time schedule.

Other video clips:

What channel is it on?

It’s on CNN.

Ahhh… the Daily Show, hosted by the witty and ever so charming Jon Stewart, yes, delightful program.

I don’t bother watching the International edition, because it’s just clips from his Daily Show, which is on 4 times a week. Just download “BitComet” and go to or and you can watch the shows in their entirety. Come on people get with the times. :astonished: