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And why write an article in that way?

Like CNN and MSNBC and NPR and and

Come on M, build back better

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I took the liberty of moving a couple here.

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The Mulligan Thread.

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That’s loaded language.

Why are they “more than just a conservative news source”? Don’t you think Shapiro believes the viewpoints he’s promoting? I do, he’s been saying similar things since he came onto the scene. Why shouldn’t he promote his viewpoints, be they about culture war issues or anything else, or create a media empire to do so? Would you prefer that only huge corporations do that, or what is it?

A balanced examination of the media climate and all of the many media sources and how they for profit would have been welcome. This was just a hit piece on a conservative platform doing nothing more than promoting certain viewpoints.

If you don’t like movie companies cow-towing to China, even if you don’t like the right-wing folks at The Daily Wire, you might consider The Daily Wire’s new movie a look. I’m not a fan of thrillers, but I think I’ll put this on in the background as I work this morning.

The movie is free on YouTube this morning, before being put behind a paywall.

The movie is here. I had to turn on my VPN to America.

Early reviews are positive, but not stellar. Still, 100% tomato from critics and 98% from the people is pretty good.

Isn’t that almost the exact same plot as this movie?

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I’ve never seen that movie and only half-watched Shut In, but there seems to be some large differences in plot:

  • the motivation of the baddies
  • the mother and daughter are both in a panic room, rather than the mother is trapped in a closet by the baddies and the young daughters are in their control
  • the baddies try and breach the panic room, as opposed to the mother tries to influence the baddies while in their captivity
  • the plot’s focus on the lives and hardships of the characters
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I’ve read two of his books, Clinton Cash. Crickets. And The Plot to Eat Trump’s Lunch and we are now at the Durham stage of not a lot happening. I’m bored. DO something about it if it’s accurate. I just don’t believe that the government is bought and sold at at the highest levels across the board. I can’t even watch Maria B on Fox business, as she has been saying the DNC “HACKED” the WH when Trump was POTUS. It wasn’t hacking, it was something else. Fucking get it right or stop wasting my time with a Lindsey Graham style, we WILL do something, something WILL happen and then pssst—nuthin. :smoker:

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A fascist is unhappy that she is given non-fascist movies which are good as stand-alone art, unlike the fascist art she prefers.