The Decline of Civilization


That’s funny. It’s like Top of the Pops in the UK where the live performers are actually required to lip synch. It’s a standing joke in Britain. Some of the cheekier performers even poke fun at the whole lip synching thing by doing it half-heartedly in some parts of the song.

I love that Iron Maiden video where they appear on Top of The Pops and all swap instruments.

The best part of that Ashlee Simpson thing is in the extended clip - later, at the end of the show, Jude Law is doing the big sign-off and thank the guest bit (starting with “What can I say, live television”), and Simpson starts babbling an apology for her band playing the wrong song and screwing her performance up. Even Jude Law was lost for words.

Apparently they’ve invented an instrument that simulates the human voice, and one of her band members was playing it.

Actually, no, the kids who are into that crap mostly listen to MTV’s “Bush is gonna draft you!” blather, and are pro-Kerry. :raspberry:


It’s not about talent. None, and I mean none, of the so-called artists these days has any. It’s about marketing. Ever wonder why all the songs sound so similar? It’s because they’re all written by the same song writer. Ever wonder why all the moves look the same? It’s because they all use the same choreographer. Ever wonder why they lip-sync a “live” performance? It’s because they can’t sing worth shit, so they use a recording that’s been doctored.

A few years ago some friends and I caught Wave at the new year’s eve celebration in Niagara Falls. They always sounded good on CD, but live? Holy fuck, not one of them could sing in key! They were worse than anything one would find in a high school talent show.

But, like I said, it’s not about talent. It’s about marketing.

Hahaha. Oh the kids of my generation are funny little twits…so impressionable and quick to believe anything…is it any wonder why I despise so many of them? :raspberry:

Anyway, Ashlee “Fraud” Simpson is just another studio creation, as was proven on SNL. Pop music sucks. :fume: