The Definitely Maybe Now Impeachment of Filthy Joe Biden Thread

I’m waiting for the facts, like who “the big guy” is and what the money trail is.

Clearly, you are biased. The big guy said the press will handle this. Why can’t you just trust him?

I’m waiting for the media to tell me what to think :laughing:


Well, for one, they don’t. At all.

Again not an actual quote so not what said. If you have a point, then use the quote function.

They desperately want Hunter Biden to be president and don’t seem to understand that if a relative of the president gets a firearms charge that does not equate to the president guilty of corruption and therefore must be impeached! We can spend a few more years looking though… Benghazi!

Careful that’s whataboutism. Start your own thread. We don’t state the obvious here. Now I’m sure we can find something on Biden’s 2nd cousin’s niece.

That baseless lack of evidence is really stacking up.

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Banana Democracy:

. . . it’s crucial to keep in mind that the gun charge is the least of Hunter’s crimes. DOJ and IRS investigators have accumulated evidence that Hunter received millions from Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Kazakh, and Chinese companies and individuals, in exchange for influencing the U.S. government, according to testimony by Biden associates before the House oversight committee.

And yet, Weiss has not brought charges for money laundering, tax evasion, accounting fraud, influence peddling, bribery, violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and mail, bank, and wire fraud. Weiss also has yet to investigate where the money went, which could lead to the accounts of President Biden and other family members.

In fact, Weiss intentionally sat on Hunter’s various alleged criminal offenses for so long that the statute of limitations has expired for crimes committed from 2014-2016, while the “Biden Brand” was in full swing.

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There’s a conspiracy theory knocking around that they decided to properly nail him for gun offenses because his apparent impunity was starting to look weird, and a relatively-minor charge of lying on the paperwork for a gun was the only crime that couldn’t possibly be tied back to Biden Sr.


These things take time. They could have crucified Godzillary had they wanted or had Trump even understood how DC runs.

This will not go away. It can’t. Biden is in the history books already as one of the most corrupt. Not inept, just filthy.


Democrats: ‘The DOJ investigation of Hunter Biden has dragged on for so long now – over five years – that it’s a miscarriage of justice and should be shut down immediately.’

Democrats: ‘The statute of limitations for any alleged criminal offenses Hunter Biden is suspected of have expired so he can no longer be prosecuted.’


Irrationality is rational. But it really needs to put in the camel clutch.

Yeah like 5 years and a couple misdemeanors. If only Trump were so lucky.

Thats my point that this thread is really about his son, but for the uneducated you’d have no idea given the amount of conflation going on.

It really isn’t. The gun issue is the one single thing that has plausible deniability. Hunter could hardly be influence-peddling if he didn’t have access to someone with influence. Feel free to explain how that would work otherwise.

And I don’t see how this has anything to do with people being “educated”. There’s a fairly complete money-trail at this point. If you think it all has a benign explanation, again, feel free to put forward your hypothesis.


Must be all those emails to Joe. What’s the count? 5400?

Sure, drag your feet and then slip through the gates, or the statute of limitations. Must be innocent!

There it is. Right on schedule.

I think that’s it.

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‘There’s absolutely no evidence that Joe is “the big guy” so it’s time to shut this investigation down before it goes any further!!!’

Shapley, who is still a supervisory special agent with the IRS, says he was prevented from pursuing any leads that involved President Joe Biden, including the now-infamous 2017 email from James Gilliar, a business associate of Hunter Biden’s, which bore the subject line “Expectations” and outlined a “provisional agreement” for “equity” in a deal with a Chinese energy company.

Two of Hunter Biden’s former business partners who received the message told CBS News that a line in the email — “10 held by H for the big guy?” — was shorthand for 10% held by Hunter Biden for his father.

> Shapley told CBS News that his efforts to look further into money trails that involved “dad” or “the big guy” were blocked by a senior prosecutor working for Weiss.




We’ve been through this. Tell me how someone using their last name is either out of the ordinary or illegal. 5 years of investigation and a couple misdemeanors and nothing on the dad. You can do better than that if he (the dad) is in fact the most corrupt president. Otherwise you’ll need to change some laws and start a whole campaign against… everyone.

You’ve had 5 years…maybe take another 5 and come back to us. Seems Biden has been open to further inquiries (as in not giving a shit) so go ahead and use all those resources and maybe someday you can say…aha I told you he didn’t pay all his taxes. Corrupt!

If you don’t like the result of investigations then this is the usual retort:

If multiple felony trials are launched at your political opponent while felony “investigations” of your own political party drag on so long statute of limitations expire then you’re living in a rigged system.