The Devil you say

Which actor (male or female) played the Prince of Darkness better than all the rest?

For my money, the best actor working today also put in the best turn as Beelzabub.

Robert DeNiro…(10 $G for the right movie)…here’s a clue…His character’s name was Louis Cypher…

Honorable mention goes to Al Pacino for his contribution to the otherwise tepid The Devil’s Advocate.

Worst Satan ever, hands down, Elizabeth Hurley…although she does look better in red than those other guys.

Please don’t mention George Burns…

Best Devils son, Adam Sandler in “Little Nicky”


[quote=“chodofu”]Best Devils son, Adam Sandler in “Little Nicky”


Come on…he was funny, but Tim Curry in Legend far outstripped Sandler.

What about the guy, don’t know the actor’s name, from The Golden Child. He was understatingly evil too.

Haven’t seen Legend and can’t rember any devil guy in golden child. Trying hard to forget that movie as well. Drawing blanks right now too. I’ll have to consulte with Satan, get back to you on this.

I’m back. Thanks to this site"

I can put forth whoever plays the devil in South Park.


Angel Heart. That was a great movie. Lisa Bonet was smoking hot, and Mickey Rourke was great as a doomed soul…

Angel Heart. That was a great movie. Lisa Bonet was smoking hot, and Mickey Rourke was great as a doomed soul…[/quote]

Right you are MaoCAN…

Here’s your $G.

And am I right in your estimation of Bobby D as the best devil…


Honorable mention to Jack in 3 Witches of Eastwick of course…he was de-light-ful…

Jack Nicholson was okay as a devil, but Al Pacino (I still see him as the devil in any movie he’s been in since seeing Devil’s Advocate), Max von Sydow in Needful Things, and Jonathan Pryce in Something Wicked This Way Comes were much better, I think. I think Tim Curry should get credit for best costume in the Satan category…he was damn scary. The best devil by far, though, is Peter Cook from the original (and far superior) version of Bedazzled. He makes Satan seem like the 5th Beatle…John, Paul, Ringo, George, and :smiling_imp:[color=red]George[/color]:twisted: .

Going only slightly off-tangent, my favorite movie demons have been Azrael played by Jason Lee in Dogma and the demon in Fallen which was played by just about everyone.