The Documentary Thread

I am watching Grizzly Man now. It’s a very interesting piece of film.

Who’s got the poop on other good documentaries?


I enjoyed murderball

check here:

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy

Inside Deep Throat

Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

For the consideration of the jury I submit … three interesting Porn Docs.

[quote=“Funk500”]I enjoyed murderball

check here:[/quote]

Yes, this was EXCELLENT. I avoided getting it for a long while because it was about quadripalegics, and I was certain it would be very very sad. Nope, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Very interesting and entertaining story about the sport of quad rugby.

Other documentaries I enjoyed: Born into Brothels, Control Room, The Aristocrats :smiling_imp:

This site has list of documentaries


Great thread.

Are you all renting these documentaries? Downloading them?

I’ve seen a documentary or two in my local video/DVD store, but it’s kind of hit or miss. I watched “Promises” a few years back (I think that was the name–about children in Israel and Palestine).

And I know that the documentary (one of 'em) abuot Enron was in theaters recently, so it should be out on DVD at some point. I think it was called “The Smartest Guys in the Room.”

Please let me know where (or how) you are getting these documentary films.

Recenlty picked up what I reckon is quite possibly the gretaest doco ever made:

When we were kings

And frankly, the fight is secondary to the whole amazing tale . . oh, and the music!

Speaking of music, Gimme shelter. featuring that “prancing art school fag.” . . and I’ve never been much of a Stones fan!

I am a big fan of good docos though . . . please do keep them rolling.


When we were kings is an awesome documentary. I loved it.
“Murder on a Sunday morning” aka “un couple ideal” is excellent as well. Got a Academy Award for best documentary a few years back.

I forgot to mention Capturing the Friedmans another excellent documentary… although the subject matter maybe difficult for some to watch

My review on Grizzy Man:

Watch it. The director doesn’t take the guy’s side and present him as a wonderful guy who loves bears trying to protect them. He shows the guy in some incredible shots with grizzlies close by, and he discusses how grizzly man is becoming first the director of his own “film” and then later how the character in the film takes over, this in a scene where he swears at the US Park Service for 5 minutes in the film while stating “I beat you! I saved these bears.”

The guy was a strange one alright, and the footage of him and wild foxes was amazing, BUT the foxes weren’t wild anymore, were they? He had domesticated them, and he just didn’t see it that way. The guy dramatised his life, as can be seen in the scene when he records a “dead” bee in a flower and he goes off on how thie “little guy” was out doing his job, and just died in the flower, and it IS really cool to see the bee stuck there, BUT after 5 minutes of his spiritual poetics, he says, “Oh hey, the bee moved. I guess he isn’t dead” :unamused:

Very little mention is given to his girlfriend who was also torn apart by bears; all his friends and family say “This was the way he wanted to go out” and the guy had a death wish IMHO. I think he wanted to killed by bears.

GREAT footage of wild Alaska.

Thumbs up.


Waiting for me are:

The End of Suburbia

Beyond The Glory (Mike Tyson) and (Oscar De La Hoya)

Who Killed 2pac shakur

Atlantis Uncovered

oh, and Shawn of the Dead.

I watched Beyond the Glory Mike Tyson last night, and it is a VERY good show.Tyson himself is relatively calm, and the new footage of people who knew him, like the prison guard who introduced him to Cus D’amato and a new interview with Robin Givens, who still loves him.

LOTS of old footage of Tyson when he started out, beating the hell out of people

…and birds, lots of birds

Thumbs up.

Watched the BTG Oscar De La Hoya thing. Very good. I totally missed this guy as I was in Taiwan, and in the bell jar, when he came around. Hell of a fighter.

Beyong the Glory has a LOT of shows I have discovered. Adding the Denis Rodman and Allen Iverson ones to the wish list.

I love a good doc.

Last one I saw was “Enron-the smartest guys in the room” Very informative but boring and a bit difficult to follow if you aren’t finance savy. It was shot like your average doc. I would have loved to see Micheal Moore do it. Having him get in to Lay’s face to make him ‘own’ up to what he did to millions of americans probably would have been just as hilarious as his encounter with Jeb Bush at Wendy’s

When we were kings is an AWESOME doc.

Hoop Dreams is another good one. About two black kids from the hood who dream of playing in the NBA. It follows them thru high school. It was done about 10 years ago. The kids have gone on to do good stuff in spite of difficults they have faced.

Who killed Tupac?

Dunno, but I liked Biggie’s hat.

End of suburbia is good too, but needs to be viewed with a cinderblock of salt. Lots of conspiracy guys turn up in it…

The upcoming Taipei Film Fest has some interesting local documentaries. There’s one about Taiwanese child laborers who were forced to build Japanese fighter planes during WWII in Taiwan. Not sure if they have English subtitles though.

last summer I heard an interview with Werner Herzog, the director of Grizzly Man. I guess now that Klaus Kinski is dead, he must have been looking for other nutters to capture on film! … Id=4774946

Another good documentary, which I forgot the title of, was about the making of Apocalypse Now. It was fun to view it back to back with the picture. Marty Sheen had a heart attack during the filming of the movie, and the Phillipino Army kept borrowing the helicopters to fight local rebels, among other problems.

My favorite documentary of all is The Dancing Outlaw, which is about the life and times of a West Virginian named Jesco White, one of the last “mountain dancers”, an old Appalachian style of clogging. The director Jacob Young got a lot more out of the story than just a history of this style, because Jesco White is a larger-than-life character. When I first saw this movie, I thought it was a “mock-u-mentary” a la Spinal Tap, but I was shocked to find out later that it’s real. Check it out.

[quote=“jdsmith”]Who killed Tupac?

Dunno, but I liked Biggie’s hat.

The man on the grassy knoll nearby MGM casinos :unamused: :noway: We should know who killed Tupac, considering it happened on the bvld in Las Vegas with fifty million people around after the Tyson fight. But he’s a rapper, and well who cares. IMO think it was Suge Knight, police just can’t connect him to the crime.

Would like to see it tho…

I also have The Dancing Outlaw… its incredible, and gives a real insight into the people of the Appalachians. I saw part 2 where Jesco appears with Roseanne Barr but it wasn’t as good.

Re: Klaus Kinski has anybody seen the documentary about the making of “Fitzcarraldo”?.. an awesome film itself, but the documentay is insane and well worth hunting down.

[quote=“Namahottie”][quote=“jdsmith”]Who killed Tupac?

Dunno, but I liked Biggie’s hat.

The man on the grassy knoll nearby MGM casinos :unamused: :noway: We should know who killed Tupac, considering it happened on the bvld in Las Vegas with fifty million people around after the Tyson fight. But he’s a rapper, and well who cares. IMO think it was Suge Knight, police just can’t connect him to the crime.

Would like to see it tho…[/quote]

That’s one theory presented in the show. BecauseTupac was planning on leaving and setting up his own recording label.

Odd thing is ole Suge got 5 years for being in the shitting kicking out of some Cryp member in the lobby of the casino.

The main theory is that the Crpys done it, possibly for 1 million clams, paid by…Biggie…

I’d love to see the documentary about Fitzcarraldo: it would probably go well with the recently released Klaus Kinski bio, but then again the sordid details of his life are probably best left undisturbed.