The domestic mask mandate complaint thread

Anyone want to speculate when the mask wearing Mandate in Taiwan will be lifted? After the big wave dies down? Never?

Just really getting sick of wearing this thing.y annoyance grows rather than my tolerance. I really hate wearing it.


Everyone is getting Covid anyways. Yet can’t wear a mask walking through a park :face_palm

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We will all eventually get it, but it’s a matter or life or death whether we all get it with in a short period of time or if it’s spread out over a couple of years.


I made peace with the mask a long time ago, its just part of choosing to live in Taiwan, like I can’t swear in the UAE.


But only a couple of years ago you didn’t need it

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Taiwanese have such huge faith in masks… plus they must make a lot of money fining people for not wearing them.


There is no call from the public to stop wearing masks, so no rush


Basically the CECC said even though summer is coming and it will be hot, he said that you should continue wearing masks to save lives.

As long as we are no where near the 2-day doubling of the number of deaths, I think Taiwan is doing just fine.

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But a couple of years ago i still used to wear one when on my scooter.

No one is being fined

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So no one has been handed a fine for not wearing a mask outside?

Mask isnt really intrusive. Its not like vaccines in any way shape or form. If you are getting heat stroke or lack of oxygen, take it off and tell people why if they give you shit. Seems easy, and no one normally cares anway if its a medical reason.

i thought the whole mask thing would of started to lower the consumption of noxious products like stinky tofu, cigarettes and bin lang. Apparently nasal function has devolved.

I don’t like them they are hot and annoying and bother my ears.i can’t see what anyone looks like and I already struggle with understanding people’s emotion by their face. It’s even harder with masks on.

Also when you talk you spit. Can’t be healthy with a spit covered mask next to your face. If you use a new one everyday, that’s generating a lot of trash.

I dont like them either. Nor do i like helmets, washing my hands or using seatbelts. But i do it anyway because they are logical in various circumstances. As are masks. In some circumstances. Many argue “but why do i need to wearthem here?”

To which the real asnwer is: people are dumb and the government cant actually babysit each person. So laws are like blankets. When we grow more itellgent, we ought to have more respect towards our intelligence.

The vast majority of people i see out in public still dont unserstand how to wash their hands after taking a shit. So we still have a ways to go before being treated like adults.

Just remember, its not about you ,me or any one person. The gov can only make laws based on millions collectively. Its just logtics.

Is that a symptom of COVID in logs?

Ok… So when will they finally lift the requirement?

I don’t expect a blanket lifting any time soon.

Perhaps, at some point, a gradual relaxing of measures, including masking outdoors. But no way will they do so while infection numbers are this high.


They’re making a stack of cash selling them. The manufacturers must be loving it, no one paying any attention to the features or quality other than that they are made in Taiwan.


yea those cheap surgical masks where the straps fall off if you look at them funny, much less wearing them.

I’m just tired of masks and I never liked wearing them from day 1.