The Donald J. Orangeman Possible Future Legal Trouble Thread

More of a Dan Bongino guy, he rant’s about the fascist tactics they are using to go after people who are not even suspected of doing anything wrong, points out why it is so wrong and not the police or FBI procedure, quite the opposite.

Then again he only spent his entire life as a cop, then FBI agent and then secret service agent, I’m sure @Belgian_Pie knows what is proper police/prosecutor procedure better than he does.

Some of us, who stick to certain principles, understand what we are objecting to.

Teflon Don. I was hoping he’d get charged with something, not just because I find him to be a distasteful fool who’s a danger to the republic, but also because he is so clearly a cheating and lying grifter. But no, nothing.

Trump 2024, looks like he’ll probably run.

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Let’s be honest, people want him charged jailed and completely destroyed because they want their pound of flesh. :wink:

Maybe some, but don’t forget the pound of flesh was the amount due.

Human nature, I’m not knocking it.

But, it’s more about the DC elites showing off they live in a dystopian Hunger Games like reality where they have one set of rules for them and another set for everyone else.

They won’t stop going after Trump, one of his billionaire buddies is out on 250 million bail for some FARA violation, same shit Hunter was up to in all sorts of countries and the big guy who got a kick back except they are part of the club and untouchable.

Same shit as Tony Podesta who was working with Paul Manafort both without filing for FARA but he skated Scott free while Manafort got the book thrown at him, Tony Podesta by the way just signed up to represent HuaWei of all companies, they always seem to represent the worst.

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So they should take him to a court of law, but I’m guessing they wont, which will tell you all you need to know.

The defense is, the election was obviously rigged, a court of law in a high profile case would air all the material that’s been banned from the internet.

My guess is it airs in the court of public opinion, congress will use it in their Jan 6th commission, the end goal I said elsewhere is likely to invoke some clause in the 14th Amendment which says he can’t run for office again.

But I suspect they wont touch an actual court of law with a barge pole.

Donald J Trump: Former President. Current Islamic Jihadist enabler.

This whole thread didn’t age too well. Also seems like most of the more rabid posters have disappeared to boot. :sweat_smile:

But, they were very adamant in their certainty…
The guy is a douche and lost an election because he didn’t know which fork to use at the dinner table.

This comment did not age well.

TLDR copied from elsewhere.

  • Civil Suit
  • Alleges Trump of fraud over a span of 10 years with over 200 instances found
  • referred to DOJ and IRS for criminal prosecution
  • Barring Trump organization from -potentially-doing business for 5 years with businesses registered in the state of New York.
  • 5 years of strict monitoring and barring Trump organization financial officers from ever doing holding a controller position in New York.
  • seeking 250m in damages

Plus half a dozen other cases making their way through the system. I’ve said it before and say it again, no way he makes it though 2023 and wins the Republican nomination in 2024.

Watch though, as he will try to incite civil war - or at least civil unrest - to try to squirm out. He really could - as he has said before go out to 5th avenue and shoot someone and not lose at least some voters…

Do you think Trump is the victim here? His actions over the coming months can really needlessly hurt many people, should he decide to go out with a bang. Do you see how many Americans feel quite worried about this potential future issue?

No, he has plenty of money and lawyers, guys a billionaire (supposedly). The claim is he inflated property prices for loans and then deflated them for tax purposes, or his company did. That wouldn’t surprise me.

He shouldn’t be inciting anyone to do anything, I’ve been watching him from the corner of my eye without posting about him. He recently said in relation to the possibility of him being indicted that Americans wouldn’t stand for it. That’s dangerous rhetoric IMO and he shouldn’t be going there, at all.

Yes, frankly I could see why many Americans wouldn’t have wanted him as President or why the establishment saw him as dangerous loose canon.

I also understand why people disliked Hillary Clinton enough not to vote for her in 2016. I asked before, where did Joe Biden get 81 million votes from, no need to go into all the reasons not to like the guy or Hillary Clinton, Im sure you heard them all before.

The answer I get is because they hated Trump enough to turn out in that number. Ok, I’m fine with that. How about you, if people say they voted for Trump because they didn’t like the other guy(s) is that enough of a reason for you to let it go and say “fine, I don’t need more of a reason than that”?