The Dreaded S-Curve


So I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the S-curve portion of the driving exam (for cars), but someone told me recently that it was removed from the test.
Is this true?
Sorry if the question has been asked before, but my searches didn’t produce any results.


I had it about a year ago. Not sure if it changed.

If you know how to drive, it shouldn’t be hard after spending 5min going back and forward. But maybe it’s harder for some as I watched people just completely botch it all the time.


It will be a shame if they’ve removed it as one of my mates has failed the test four times, I think, because he can’t do the s maneuver among other things. Every time he fails he goes mental. It’s probably best that he’s kept off the roads.


Some people shouldn’t drive, especially in Taiwan. I watched people just completely fail at obstacles and have mental breakdowns during the test. One girl starting sobbing lol. I hope she never gets her license, it’s scary to think she can be driving next to me.


Especially considering it’s arguably the easiest driving test in the planet.


It’s all obstacles. None moving ones. Got forbid they have to drive around people and cars that are moving.

I don’t get why the S is so hard. You don’t have to do it fast, you can basically go as slow as you want. The only part I messed up on when I tried it on my first time is because you need to go forward and backwards in one try on the same S curve. If you don’t position your car nicely at the end of your forward S, you can put yourself in a bad position to not go out the lines going backwards.


Tool my exam two months ago. The S-curve was still a part of it. It’s not too hard to do.


I kept getting a new international license for years as I absolutely didn’t want to do that s curve or pay big bucks to a driving school to teach me how to cheat it.

Luckily a reciprocal agreement came in two years ago and I was able to trade it in sans test.

I also heard they got rid of the on course test this year but maybe not


The S curve is pretty easy. If you ever got a license anywhere else you can get one here.


Mental stability should be part of the test. If you’re having a mental break down or sobbing because of a driving test on a closed obstacle course. You should be not be driving on the road with real people.


I think it is ridiculous to sob after that test. But I understand people might be coming from different backgrounds, maybe depression, maybe kids being pushed by parents, no money to retake the test… I don’t know. Bit it is not a reason to deny them the license. Despite of that there should definetly be a psychological test (like back home) before getting approved.


Some people just don’t fare too well under pressure. Probably traumatized by life in a country with a primarily test-based education system.


But wouldn’t that make people good at testing.

If you’re not good under pressure, perhaps you should not drive in at least Taiwan. It’s pretty high pressured. People are ruthless and low on patience here.


One would hope. But that’s not always the case. Some people are just nervous wrecks.

Definitely takes some guts to drive in Taiwan, though. You won’t catch me behind the wheel here. Not because I cry easily, but because I just don’t dare. I’m too used to easy American roads.


The way I feel is when you give a person a license. You’re giving them a lot of responsibility to not just their life but other people’s as well. You’re doing someone a favor not giving them a license if they’re not able to handle the pressure of a driving test. It’s supposed to be hard and simulate real driving pressures. Shouldn’t be something you do to get a license, it’s an actual test and some people are better off not passing.

It’s not easy to drive in Taiwan. In Italy they make beginner drivers put a giant “P” in the back of their car for a year to represent beginner in Italian so people don’t freak them out lol.


An interesting thing, I took the S shape thing, looked like I was going to hit the sensor, so corrected by going forward and then reversed the rest. pretty sure I had failed the test, but guy said, nope, a correction is allowed, so long as you don’t hit the sensor.

Looked it up and indeed, they start you off with 100 points, and then make deductions, if you drop below 70 you fail.

On the S shape. Reverse into the sensor, minus 16 points, so they start you again for a second try. Make a correction and front tire hits a sensor, minus 32 points fail immediately. Make a correction but don’t hit a sensor 8 point deduction, but will accumulate for every correction. (although the guy had said, one correction is allowed, meaning they might count changing to forward and correcting as 1 and then changing back to reverse as 1, meaning you really can only do it once)

I was under the impression the entire S curve needed to be navigated in one continuous movement, I’m sure others are too.


Ha, not from NY I see.


Not the city. Although driving upstate is just bumpity bump. Roads all tore to hell by the constant plowing.


In the driving school they tell you that you can correct. But for most people that aren’t able to do it, it’s not a big help. They tend to freak out and make it worse.