The Driftwood Boat

My 7 year old son just wrote this story for his English class:

The Driftwood Boat

Jdson and his friends took a trip to the USA. They took a plane. They went to a baseball game.

On the day they wanted to go back, the airport was closed. A plane crashed on the runway. They were stuck.

They went to the beach. They found some driftwood. They made a great boat. They sailed as fast as a race car.

They sailed back to Taoyuan. They sold the boat for 9000NT. They took a taxi back home.[/quote]

I am impressed beyond words. And I love that he sold the boat for a huge profit!

jds :smiley:

That’s great. Thanks for sharing. :laughing:

Wow! Is that a true story? :homer:

Sounds like he’s lying to me. You ought to whip him soundly.

Very cute.

Thanks guys. Now I’m off to get him started on this futuristic novel about how advance cloning techniques bring back the dinosaurs.

I call it “Billy and the Clonosaurus.”