The driving test in TAiwan

Hey someone made 3 clips bout the driving test? Take a look? Any good? … re=related part one part two–ZYkTKyV … re=related part three

What is this inviligator that she keeps talking about in the first link? And why aren’t people allowed to walk? How do they get around within the building? Would someone please explain what bareback feetwear is? According to the instructions there is a part of the motorcycle test which tests the rider’s ability in “real road conditions.” Is there really, or are they just making that up? One loses 8 points for an engine stall??? Why? Scooters are automatic. There’s also a 2 point deduction for improper operation of clutch. How do they test that exactly? It seems to me there should be two separate licenses, one for manual and one for automatic. “Improper use of turn signals -2points,” because of course there is no test where the turn signal has to be used. Doh!

I couldn’t listen to the second link, there is something about that woman’s voice that prevents me from paying attention any longer.

Yes, “invigilator” is the wrong word, and she pronounced it wrong every time. Not only can you not walk, you can’t loiter either. :s

More importantly, you can see why the driving “test” is a laughing stock and why most countries don’t accept Taiwanese driving licences.

haha ya, actually i think there is a separate test for automatic and stick? Cuz if you pass the automatic one you cant drive stick. IF you pass the stick one you can drive both.

Something like that.

This was an amateur effort by someone, probably to practice english.

After having been in Taiwan for some time, over 3 years altogether, I seriously thought of getting a driver’s license. I heard a few stories from my friends about the primitive and retarded way they do tests here. But never in my dreams have I imagined the test to be this outrageously silly!!!

Buahhaa, I mean, do not go over the line when the railroad crossing light goes off in the very last second. It’s more like a computer game rather than a real life situation. Why would someone in real life traffic not be allowed to touch ground… Look at the way they ride in the streets and you see this test is just nonsense. They need proper education of traffic rules rather than this test, if they knew the rules I would give them the license even without the ride-test.

In California, you fail the motorcycle test if you touch the ground during the ride.

In California, you fail the motorcycle test if you touch the ground during the ride.[/quote]

I can accept why in the Taiwan test as there is no traffic and the test is designed to test balance, but in California don’t you have to test in traffic? What is the situation that allows such stringent testing practices? I’m guessing that you are allowed to put your foot down in traffic stop situations.

No, the riding test is an obstacle course in the parking lot and of course you can put your foot down when you are coming to a stop. You fail if your tires go outside the painted lines, which are actually quite close, or if you put your foot down on the course. It was actually quite tough. Many people rent scooters to take the test even though they will ride a full size motorcycle. It’s easier to do the course on a light scooter and there is no difference in the license.