The Durham Investigation Thread

[raises hand] ohhh ohhh I know why. :thinking: Better have hard evidence though Rudy.

Good interview with Barr.

Whoops. James Comey smugly spoke too soon.

Comey is a legend in his own mind. He’s got a Galahad delusion.

Every time a report comes out condemning Comey or the FBI, Comey declares victory and the media goes along with it.

Report found no political bias undermining the entire justification for the investigation and you guys think you’ve won. This is so predictable yet still so entertaining. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I think we can move beyond the spin wars on the Horowitz report now:

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I’m grateful @rowland legitimized the Horowitz report though, which debunks all the FBI witchhunt/spying garbage propogated by Orange Man.


Except it doesn’t.

Nothing done illegally or politically motivated is the finding of Trump’s own IG’s 2 year report. I’m sorry it doesn’t line up with your narrative.

This is schoolyard level discourse on your part.

This picture shows the world is round.
No it doesn’t and it isn’t!

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They have been caught mups. illegal surveillance. All that happens now is we wait to see who get’s indicted, who gets to stand trail and who goes to jail.

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Very good, surveillance that isn’t court authorized is illegal. But Horowitz didn’t say that happened.

The court authorized the surveillance.

I did a better job listening to your video than you, how bout them apples.

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Try to see this through the point of view of a typical US voter. Just try.

Because those people, y’know, vote.

The surveillance is predicated on an application which used a “dossier” as a central and essential compent (IG report) which they learned in January 2017 was garbage. They then didn’t tell the court it was garbage and made 17 omissions, lies, misrepresentations.

Vox news may tell you this was ok. I assure you it is not, Barr has refereed to the behavior as gross violations. I don’t know how many clips I would need to show you, the IG repeatedly says the behavior of the FBI was completely unacceptable.

People will be charged, people will go to jail. It’s over. Democrats and their deranged media allies lied for years over this. They falsely claimed the dossier was mostly true, it was crap. They claimed it wasn’t the only evidence, the IG says it was central and essential, they said the FBI agents didn’t withhold evidence, lie , falsify evidence. They did all those things.

For years, they lied to us, and the media knew right from day one.

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And Putin is actually a Martian that was sent here to work with Trump and told him that Obama is black and from Mercury and therefor was not born in the US.

Actually, @mups Im not really interrested in a back and forth, it’s clear you don’t understand the shit storm that is approaching. I actually read this in the report and laughed out loud. Funny because the next day I heard someone else laughing over it.

In addition, Source 2 told the Crossfire Hurricane team that Source 2 had
known Trump’s then campaign manager, Manafort, for a number of years and that
he had been previously acquainted with Michael Flynn. Case Agent 1 told the OIG
that “quite honestly … we kind of stumbled upon [Source 2] knowing these folks.”
He said that it was “serendipitous” and that the Crossfire Hurricane team “couldn’t
believe [their] luck” that Source 2 had contacts with three of their four subjects,
including Carter Page.

Even I tell you Source 2 was Stefan Halper I’m not sure you would get the joke. I’ll give you a hint though, IG was limited to just the FBI. What an absolute bunch of imbeciles!

You seem confused on the details, there’s more than one.

Investigation was not political - aka witchhunt - confirmed.
Investigation legitimately started - confirmed (not started because of dossier)
The process of some of the applications and whether that will lead to individual punishment/charges - TBD

Yes, individual. Nothing to do with the dems, or whatever else is getting pooped out there.

The basic conclusion is, all the Trump stuff about witchhunts and investigations started by the dossier, it was all hot air, the report confirms it.

@rowland typical US voter don’t care about Graham or Gym Jordan babbling on. 70% thinks Trump did something wrong with Ukraine. Now that that genie is out of the lamp, clown show Republican is clinging to their old crumbs, even when the Trump admin itself says what I said is true.

Typical US voter must seem insulted right now by people like Barr and repub congressmen being told 1+1=3 over and over.

Would have been a lot smarter to get over this stuff, and just try to argue what Trump did is wrong but not impeachable. As it stands, it’s just deny every fact and report. Voters no likey.

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