The effectiveness or otherwise of wearing masks

No need to worry about this guy. He probably emptied out his bank accounts and transferred all his assets to his relatives. Standard O.P. for Taiwanese business men who care about the safety of others.


You can exchange them. If possible, contact local news and express your anger so that the concept of losing face internationally us driven home and hence more anger towards this guy and others like him may lead to stiffer penalties.

And most assets are in China, to boot.

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I mean, I don’t think you can put it any more simply than this.


More mask fraud, this time out of Xizhi:



This is still too complicated for some.

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You can’t get the Chineseness out of them.


“ From Sept. 17, Taiwan will require all locally made surgical face masks to carry special imprints of the acronyms “MD” (medical device) and “MIT” (made in Taiwan) to discourage potential counterfeiters.”

What’s going to prevent these knuckleheads from just copying these imprints?


Serious prison time. But we all know that’s not going to happen.

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These a-holes should be shipped to China (to work manual labour in the factory they illegally imported from for their counterfeiting). They are what defines the essence of the derogatory “ch”-word, in most contexts I’ve unfortunately heard it, and would likely be selling bottles of water at 300NTD a pop if a plane hit Taibei 101.


And another case of profiteering

Eh there are studies against the use of facial shields, not safe enough.

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I feel like the fine for Article 255 is too low. Is it that low because it is part of the Criminal Code, and can be applied to individuals as well as businesses selling things?

In theory, they shouldn’t be selling masks on the internet. We know how that goes…

Had my first bad batch of pharmacy masks: got them on nhi card, wore one, took it off after a very short time. Stinks like mold/mildew. Not super strong, but so noticeable that I couldn’t wear it longer than half a minute or so.

Went back and explained to them. Sniffing the sides of the masks inside the bag, they claimed they didn’t smell anything. Duh. They just said they sold many of these and noone complained so far. Chabuduo. Thanks, not helpful.

I’ve been wearing those for months, every day, all day. There is an odd smell when you first put them on, but it disappears quickly. Maybe you should consider getting your nose checked.

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If they spit you in the face?

From the sides. Remember friggin virus can travel 3 to 6 meters in the aerosol…and lingers.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough… same here: Wearing dozens of masks bought in the same way from the same pharmacy every day at work. Never had any smells or anything. This time: first time. And last time buying there.