The emergency thread!


Because it’s an emergency!

If it weren’t for double standards, some people would have no standards at all.

(To be fair, there were a lot of foreign emergencies during Odammit’s reign. That’s what happens when you never quite get on top of events.)

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You’re embarrassing yourself.


Using numbers to prove this without thinking deeply and checking it is why the world is kind of screwed…because people actually buy into this crap number game on tv. I wont comment on obamas emergencies. Im not familiar and it is no way relevant to how stupid this current one is. Each one is a seperate unique situation. 3:31:17 ratio…or whatever is a comparison to distract simple minded people. Folks should look deep into what each one is.

Its like a 5 year old saying who has more candy. Or who has been to the principles office more.

A dumb idea is a dumb idea. A good one is a good one. This whole situation is more a reflection on the country than trump. Trump is what he is, he has a right to be an asshole with no communication talent. But the fact the country allows this stuff to influemce their entire global relationships is beyond concerning.

Isnt it the usa that went to japan and “suggested” they should open ip their walls, or else? Be funny if mexico pulled that card haha.

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Just watched…a bit surprised.



Yeah, I see a lot of “whataboutism” going around on both sides. Seems like that’s all the arguments are these days.