The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

The Download dropdown menu has three options, of which the bottom one is “Download Passport Submission Notice”, but when clicked the next page is simply an inquiry form:

However, I did provide a scan of my passport with the original application, and I also had a visa record from travelling during COVID, (which also required a scan of it), so I think NIA should have at least two copies of it already. :relieved:

ETA - I submitted the form and got a new page:

And the Actions icon there gave me a file with this heading:

…and various bits of personal info and these instructions:

The applicant or his/her authorized agent (with the Power of Attorney signed by the applicant) shall submit the original passport with this Passport Submission Notice, print-out visa application form, 2 passport size photos and other required documents to the designated Overseas Mission within 6 months upon receiving this Notice. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

(Where the “designated Overseas Mission” is my local TECO office.)


This appears to be an ordinary visa application, is that actually the correct next step? (And does it matter that I’m already married to a Taiwanese national?) :thinking:


If I do need to send this in, it appears there’s many different options for the visa application form, but The Gold Card website doesn’t seem to reference any specifically, so that question is outstanding as well…

(I realize all of this can likely be answered by emailing the very nice helpdesk people, which I will do next, posting this mostly as a trail of breadcrumbs for whomever might benefit from it down the road.)

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Just got my ARC Gold Card… more happy than ever !
Now no need to go out every three months during the next three years
If some of you live in Kaohsiung or Tainan, and would like to share a beer… let’s meet !


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I got confirmation this has now been fixed.

The word on the street is that someone confused Gold Card and Entrepreneur visa rules :slight_smile:


blimey, NIA really needs to get their S***e together…

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Thanks a lot. I’ve just read that I need to update my address within 30 days of arriving. I’ve been staying at an Airbnb at first, and have ~10 days to do this. Any advice for providing proof of address in the case of Airbnb?

For Gold Card I think you would make any changes online so I am not sure they will even require that you attach proof. I did change my address once when I had a GC but it’s been a couple years so I don’t remember exactly. If so I think you’d be fine just using your AirBNB booking confirmation. They are not overly strict about it…my name is not even on the rental agreement for our apartment.

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So they replied quickly but I did not get any email notification of the reply, (though I have before), so there may be something amiss with emails from them in general right now. Fortunately the auto-response to the initial inquiry (which I did get) has a link to their helpdesk system where I found the reply a few days later:

Please ignore the words, you just need to provide the passport submission notice and your passport to the overseas mission.

@fifieldt - seems like there’s some hiccups in the process around this stage, though without knowing the back end process I’m not sure what would be the most effective changes to suggest.

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I just went to the Boston TECO office and they didn’t ask for photos or a visa application. All they did it seems was take a photocopy of my passport and the passport submission notice. Very quick and they seemed to know the process. I wouldn’t worry too much about the stuff at the bottom about passport photos because at least in Boston, TECO is ignoring that too.


Just had my extension application approved. From the date of application it was exactly one month.

For those in a similar situation-- I didn’t change my category from Economy even though Tech may have been a more appropriate category.

I did have to re-upload my Taiwan tax filings because it didn’t take somehow the first time. And I had to do another modification round to upload a new photo since I hadn’t updated mine.


What did you have to provide / info needed? Just tax filing and photo?

Initially I included

  • Taiwan “2022 Aliens Individual Income Tax E-Filing Receipt”
  • Taiwan “Payment of Individual Tax Income 2022” receipt from the bank (just in case, lol)
  • US Form W2

The financial was probably overkill but I was trying to avoid the back and forth and cover all bases.

They asked for the following:

  • Updated photo
  • Updated resume

After emailing with help desk, they also grilled me on the name of the (US-based) company on my resume being different from the tax name of the business, so I included:

  • A PDF of my company’s TOS which includes both names :person_shrugging:

Does anybody know the process for when you already have a gold card, leave Taiwan and get a new passport / number while abroad and try to return to Taiwan?

That shouldn’t be a problem. If possible bring your old passport too.

Just don’t forget to update your ARC when you get back.
One is obliged to update the information on the ARC when your passport number or residence address change.


you have EZ gate? Only need your ARC to get back in in that case (of course I wouldn’t count on it, but just an example of how your new passport won’t affect you)

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I think you can do the passport number update part online while you’re still abroad. I was just looking on the gold card application platform today and there’s a sub menu for updating personal info including passport information.


Update on this, no problems.

I updated my passport in the portal less than 24 hours before my flight. Arrived, immigration looked at my GC with old passport number but didn’t ask anything. Got through in a few seconds.


TLDR: What is the buffer period to get the passport inspected after application is approved?

Hi everyone, I have applied for the gold card and here is the timeline so far…

Aug 8 - Application Submitted (“Review by National Immigration Agency”)
Aug 13 - Changed to “Review by the Workforce Development Agency”
Aug 22 -Got email for Supplementary Docs required
Sept 12 - Submitted Employment Certificate and W2. I initially submitted the complete tax form. Changed to “Review by the Workforce Development Agency”
Sept 24 - Changed to “Consulting with National Science and Technology Council”
Sept 28 - Changed to “Review by the Workforce Development Agency”

So here, after I submitted my application I was reading thru the forum and found out that data science comes under “Digital Affairs” so I am guessing that I will be prompted to submit application under the new agency.

Hopefully everything works out here! I still have few months before my travel dates in Jan.

The question I have is: I have selected my passport inspection location my home country where I am only going to reach in December end. What is the buffer days we get to get the inspection done after the application is approved?

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I just did mine today, ~2wks after the application moved to that status, (see my thread above), so at least that long! :sweat_smile:

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