The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread


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Where was that original post?

Couldn’t find it on LinkedIn. Can you please send a link where the above screenshot was taken? Thanks!

Via E-mail:
Gold Card Newsletter - July 2024


Hi everyone :wave: Long time lurker here finally taking the plunge to apply for a Gold Card!

Starting off my application and looking for advice on what category I should apply under. I’m working in Tech (software engineering) and qualify for the 160K NTD requirement. Should I apply under Science & Technology or Economy?

Any advice appreciated - thanks in advance!

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It sounds to me like you should be applying in the newish Digital field.

Ask the Gold Card Office help desk for guidance.


Hello Twaid,

I’m in the same field than you, and I put Science & Technology in that time, but the Gold Card reviewer tell me I must have put Digital.

So you must I think put Digital field, and as @foc said, better to ask Gold Card helpline if you have any doubt ! They are very fast to answer…

I wish you success, and contact me if anything

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I renewed under sci & tech last year after they introduced digital. Seems rather arbitrary depending on reviewer. My resume is mostly software engineer positions and some published papers in tech.

I think digital has some extra requirements like filling out their resume format. Seems more of a headache.

Gold Card office can guide you with this.

The qualifying income is great!

Besides, look into:

  1. publications and conferences that you participated in (and news articles thereof).
  2. your degree (top 500 university is a plus!)
  3. professional licenses (i.e. project management etc.)

Good luck!

Is it possible to apply for any mandarin learning scholarships while in taiwan on the gold card?

From what I know, yes, it is possible to apply for Mandarin learning scholarships while in Taiwan on the Employment Gold Card.

If I want to time the gold card so that the start date is january 2025 for example, when should I apply? Is it possible to time it?
I want to get approved early so my future is certain, but I don’t want to waste the visa time if I’m not ready to move yet.

Hello xiaomao,

Yes, it is possible to time the start date of your Gold Card. If you want the start date to be in January 2025, it is recommended to submit your application approximately two months in advance. This allows enough time for processing your application and issuing the card. It tooks exactly two months for my card, but it depends your case, usually between one and three months…

So you can’t really control the start time, you just have to start the app 2 months before hand?

Start your application right now!

The last step of the application is the passport inspection. That phase, you can then stretch out for a few months, but not too long. So when you get the notice to show your passport at an embassy, you can schedule that visit for the very end of December or very beginning of January and usually, you will get granted your Gold Card a few days to a few weeks later.


Not directly related, but worth mentioning as the Gold Card is sometimes seen as Taiwan’s “digital nomad visa”:

The NDC’s plans involve working with MOFA to update visa regulations, expanding the scope of Taiwan’s longest-stay Visitor Visa to cover digital nomads.

This could allow those working remotely to do so in Taiwan for up to 180 days, said an NDC official.
The official added that the council will discuss with other agencies about measures for supporting foreign workers to stay longer than 180 days and will also encourage local governments to make their own proposals.

In addition, the NDC is proposing to amend the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals to relax the current regulations, including qualifications for permanent residency, in order to attract more foreign professionals, according to the NDC head.


That’s roughly what I did. It took me a couple months to get the rough approval, then I waited a little while before doing the passport inspection. They issued my Gold Card I think 3 days after passport inspection.

That was back in the spring. It’s been a lot more challenging to make the transition here than I expected, and I would again say it’s absolutely a great idea to get mandarin instruction as soon as you get here.