The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

Hmm. Both of them can get an APRC five years after you get your APRC, as well as the open work permit. And there are a bunch of new rules for kids being able to stay as well.

She already had a gold card.

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I read the rules regarding kids, and I don’t see a way they can stay.
from what I understood they can stay only if they are disabled and dependent on you and extreme cases like that.
the fact the parent has aprc will not grant an adult child any reason to stay in Taiwan. so if you get aprc when the kids are 15 there is a chance they won’t be able to stay in taiwan past 18.

I think minor is u20.

that point is, that per my understanding of the rules, the TW government doesn’t care how long the kid lived here or that the parents have aprc. once the kid hits 20 and one day they are like any other Canadian that just arrived and need to take care of getting arc and work permit.

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thanks, very useful 。


Curiosity: my application’s status is “Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency” since about 3/4 days. How long should I expect for a feedback? Is this current status the final one before a definitive acceptance/rejection?

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A year ago it took about a week. Now it can take up to 4. That is at least what I have been hearing from people.

Unless they request more information, yes that is the last step before getting the “drop off your passport” email.

Thank you @Bree.

Oh, so I don’t need to check daily for updates as I would be getting an email whenever they finalize the acceptance/rejection correct ?



I was just approved for a Gold Card but didn’t happen to put any residential address in the application.

@irish91 Was it a requirement to add a residential address before they printed your Gold Card?

Is there any disadvantage to not putting an address?

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@Aquilae How long did it take you to hear back, just out of interest? (I’m waiting on it at the moment)

I was overseas in Ireland the time I applied and didn’t have any residential address in Taiwan. When you recieve the card the address will be empty.
I believe the immigration act governing the gold cards states that you update the address within 30 days of any changes.
When you get an address in Taiwan, login to the application website, update the address, pay $500nt. The $500nt will eventually be refunded.

Did it download right away? I’ve just submitted 3 different attempts (no idea what the batch number is nor how a specific payment date is requested as a date range…), each time it take me to another page with no information.

For anyone that encounters a similar problem:

  1. Batch number: leave it empty
  2. Application number: same as your receipt number
  3. Payment Date: in first box i put payment date, second box I put today’s date

This finally worked and I was able to download the pdf. Good luck!

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Anyone know what constitutes a dependent? I want to bring a 19yo here, but she is neither an adopted daughter nor a blood relative. She is however my dependent for US tax purposes.

For your dependant you should look into student or work and travel visa.


legal parent-child relationship

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I got the gold card on the basis of my PhD in the field of education. It was enough to hand in the scanned copy of my PhD certification. I gave them also proofs of my university employments, but as they where not in high position I don’t think that this added much to my qualification for the gold card. Therefore I would say that the gold card is given to people with a PhD exactly as stated on their website.