The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

everything related to Mainland China, they have special regulations.

When foreign workers whose academic credentials issued by Mainland China and with the certificates of working experiences in China, what documents required to be attached?

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Yea, as I suspected then. I’d imagine most people are in a position where they can get someone to submit if for them to the public notaries in China.

Another layer of catch 22 is that visa agents in Taiwan - as far as I know - don’t process China visas unless you have an ARC, and you cant do visa free for a simple return trip.

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Yup, unfortunately it seems that you were correct…

Anyone knows, how much time we have to make first entry to Taiwan after getting gold card? Is there a limit for that?

Iiuc the post, before the expiration date of your gold card?

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But when does the time limit start? On pick up, or entry? And I was sure that I read that you can pick the card up after arrival in Taiwan …

I am sure it starts from when the card is issued. And the post says “the document, the expiry date is the same date as your Gold Card”. So, iiuc, there is printed the expiration date of the already issued gold card, which is waiting for you to be picked up in Taiwan.

When the card is issued that determines the expiry date. If you applied overseas you will get the Resident Authorization Form (basically a paper version of the card) to show immigration at the border.

Your card is printed and sits at the Immigration Center until such a time you collect it.
When I collected mine the agent at the counter looked through a stack of cards to find it.

To be clear, the expiry date is not counted from time of entry or pick-up.

I have checked my emails and expiry date and it seams to work like the below example:
Apply for 3 year duration Gold Card.
Received email on 2020-02-12 stating your application has been officially approved and is now entering the certification stage.
Gold Card expiry date will be 2023-02-12.

It took me a month from getting approved to entering Taiwan, though that didn’t change the expiry date.

Hope that helps clear things up.


Thank you all for answers, just to make it clear, if i receive card at 2020-02-12 (with expire date 2023-02-12), and i make first entry to country after year in 2021-02-12, can officials cancel my card, becuase i haven’t used it last 1 year? Is there a limit in that term?

This is great and very clear. Exactly the answer I needed. Thanks.

“the employing company mainly provides tax related services, which doesn’t seem to be of the financial industry as stated in the Requirements and determination principles for “Foreign special professional” with financial expertise announced by the Financial Supervisory Commission. It is advised for you to change to another category or field that you may meet the criteria.”

Methinks they are clueless to the complexities of international business tax law. It doesn’t appear that I qualify under any other category.
Should I bother to write a letter in rebuttal?

Just apply under the “Economy” category and be done with it (if you made enough income). It seems that category is an umbrella category where you only have to fulfill the income requirements, regardless of what you do (for now).

I actually am very curious if anyone has applied in the Economy category, had the required income, and has been denied. Anyone?


more than 90% of gold cards were issued under this category.

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My point exactly.

So if I were going to apply under the Economy category through the income sub-category, what documents do I need? A month of pay slips (I get paid bi-weekly), and proof of time at my job? Anything else? Should that be enough to get it - my current job has very little direct connection to “Economy” , aside from Taiwan’s economy will benefit from having me :slight_smile: .

Perhaps ask your company to provide a letter on the company letterhead outling the services they provide, highlighting the aspects of their services that are relevant to the financial industry category you applied under.

I’m going to apply soon… in April after the tax return.

Below are the guidelines when applying under the income sub-category, regardless of the main category:

Qualifying criteria of “The applicant has held, or currently holds, a position with a most recent monthly salary of over NT$ 160,000 in Taiwan or another country”(As far as the specific professional field concerned, the criterion of salary income applies to one of the each field’s several qualifications like the fields in Science and Technology, Economic, Education, Financial Expertise, Law, and Architecture; but the fields in Culture and Arts, Sport are not included.)

In respect of the conditions for qualification as a foreign special professional, as announced by the respective central competent authorities, the condition of “previously or currently holding a position in a foreign state or in the ROC with a most recent monthly salary of at least NT$160,000” has been clarified by the Ministry of Labor in the letter Lao-Dong-Fa-Guan-Zi No. 10805114652 dated November 5, 2019, as follows:

Most recent monthly salary of at least NT$160,000 means a monthly salary or average monthly salary of NT$160,000 or above within the three years preceding the month of the application; documentary proof of salary or tax payment means one of the following:

  1. Salary withholding certification or tax certification. But if such certification cannot be presented owing to provisions of tax law, it may, after explanation of the tax law provisions preventing its presentation, be replaced by employer’s certification.
  2. The employment contract of intended future employment in the ROC.

And when uploading documents, below are the list of required and optional documents:

  1. (required) Passport
  2. (required) Previously or currently holding a position in a foreign state or in the ROC with a most recent monthly salary of at least NT$160,000.
  3. (optional) Proof of salary as per the amount stated in the application.
  4. (optional) Other relevant supporting documents.( If there is no information then do not attach)

I’m thinking of uploading payslips from the last 3 months, most recent tax return. Not sure what is the difference between document 2 versus 3. Maybe if you have an offer letter or employment contract that has an amount.

Thanks for this - very useful. Are you applying through the Economics category? If so, is your current job in any way related to Economics? I am very interested in how it goes for you.

Yes. Will be applying through Economics. My job is accountant, private sector, not related to the category. I will definitely post my experiences (Seattle office) on this thread. Hopefully it will go through so I can start selling the house. Am I crazy to move during this virus outbreak? yolo?

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Yolo all the way!!! :slight_smile:


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