The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

This book looks interesting. Has anyone read it?

The End of America shows how events of the last six years parallel steps taken in the early years of the twentieth century’s worst dictatorships and urges Americans to take action to restore their constitutional values before they suffer the same fate. The book illustrates ten common steps that can be witnessed in any collapse of a democratic state to one of totalitarian rule.

  1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
  2. Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
  3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
  4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
  5. Harass citizens’ groups.
  6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
  7. Target key individuals.
  8. Control the press.
  9. Declare all dissent to be treason.
  10. Suspend the rule of law.

Click here for the interview with the author and Stephen Colbert.

I didn’t know you were Canadian, Maoman. Figures.
Here’s more:
Wolfe Grilled

Who’s afraid of Naomi Wolf?

Bacl in April the Guardian had a different title for their review of the book…Fascist America, in 10 easy steps…no agenda there…ohh.nooo… :unamused:

Bi9ll Maher talked to Naomi Wolfe last Friday. Her new book The Shock Doctrine looks to be an interesting read about how the US and other governments are now just enabling money funnels for corporations. It documents how corps are just sitting around waiting to profiteer of disasters such as 911 and Katrina. This world is fucked. I feel bad for those of you with young children. Their future is so bleak.

Two women with the same first name have laid out, in separate books, the methodology and the criminality of Bush’s neocon administration. Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine details the brutal methods that Bush and his croneys are using to loot Iraq. Naomi Wolf’s The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot outlines how Bush is following the 10 steps to fascism:
Invoke a Terrifying Internal and External Enemy
Create a Gulag
Develop a Thug Caste
Set up an Internal Surveillance System
Harass Citizens’ Groups
Engage in Arbitrary Detention and Release
Target Key Individuals
Control the Press
Dissent Equals Treason
Suspend the Rule of Law
She says there is still time to stop them, but nothing short of impeachment and prosecution will have any effect. It is scary because what they are saying makes so much sense and we can see it happening.
You can see Youtube interviews and talks by these smart ladies here and here.

Smart? ladies? haha

Let’s re-examine:

Well, this “enemy” had been identified by the Democrats and many other nations as well so how does that make this Bush’s strategy?

Guantanamo is slated to be closed. Problem is three-fold: the governments of the nations that many of these “thugs” hold citizenship in don’t want them back. The second is that there is no guarantee (Yemen) that these people will be incarcerated upon their return. The third is that they may be mistreated and tortured and THAT is the supremest irony of all given that this is the claimed concern of those who are most emphatic that Guantanamo should be closed down because it is the US that is mistreating and abusing these prisoners. Either way, they should be used to it or not suffering much more if the US is such a villain, right?

That’s no way to talk about Trial Lawyers no matter how reprehensible they are. I would agree that the teachers union would fit this but what are you going to do about them?

Yes, those 7-Elevens are danger zones.

Such as those engaging in violent or unauthorized protests?

More information please.

Stop the presses. The Clintons are back in town! haha

Yeah, that is CLEARLY what Bush is doing. haha When can I expect to read about his 97 percent approval rating?

It does if you openly advocate for enemy nations. This has been on the books for quite some time so how would that equate with Bush? and his policies? Better read up on what constitutes treason and sedition during times of war and see just how or even whether that is being applied to anyone right now. I wish that it were applied more rigorously. The idea of US citizens flying to enemy nations to engage in PR stunts is unacceptable in my view. That means Jimmy Carter as well.

Got any examples of how that is happening in the US? No? Surprise surprise. What never ceases to surprise me is how abjectly stupid the people who suggest the same are or even worse those who fall for this claptrap.

Cost of the book: $22.95
Disgust at having to heave another heavy object at said retard’s head: endless

Smart ladies? Humph. Not even a twin set or a string of pearls between them. How smart can they be? they must be New Zealanders…

Fred, I have to say that was one of your weaker replies.

To paraphrase Mark Twain…

“The reports of Americas death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Neither of these works of fiction amount to much more than making a buck off the currently trendy BDS.

See the appropriate thread discussing (well trying to discuss it) this manifestation: … highlight=

Fred, nothing personal, but, you pathetic little man, admit it. Your choice for president if he had a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected would be Benito Giuliani (sp?). Instead you’re being forced to triangulate and back Hillary Quisling even though you don’t agree with a single thing she stands for – or, rather, bends over for. You just know she’ll reliably sell her soul for the chance to be president.

If it looks like fascism, quacks like fascism and goose-steps like fascism then it doesn’t really make any difference that it’s made in America.

see…something is still made in america.

Has anyone else seen ‘Endgame: The blueprint for global enslavement?’

Actually, I watched that Colbert report interview that QAM links to. That made me very intersted in reading this book. I hope to read it over Christmas holiday when I have more time. I’m glad someone posted about it. I’d like to hear actual opinions from actual humans who have actually read it.

Thanks for noticing. I have been trying to do more yoga lately…

I don’t know who I will vote for yet.

I did not agree with a single thing that Bill Clinton stood for either. Yet, he managed to do just about everything right because of a pushy Republican Congress. He was far more Republican in his policies than Bush I. After all, look how long we tried to get welfare reform. We could not get that under even Reagan. We got it under Bill Clinton. Under Hillary, we may just get education reform and we may just get someone with something to prove foreign policy and military wise… The options not available to us Republicans now may be available to those who run under the Democrat banner. Why not?

She has one? haha

Yes, I quake in my boots (deliberate) worrying about the threat of fascism sweeping over America. No doubt it will be of some sort of Jewish Fascism, with all the attendant anti-Semitism (of the Jewish not Arab kind yawn…) I suppose? haha

Yes, maybe I will vote for Hillary. I am starting to like her more and more and MORE. I can identify with her… haha

I am not joking Tainan Cowboy… I may vote for her…

Are FSO patronage fears that bad?

I doubt it, it is more likely that common sense and reality is finally beginning to dawn on Fred. Perhaps Fred is just finally beginning to realise that the best candidate as President for running the US should be fully supported, even if they do not come from the political party that he generally relates to, a lesson one or two others could do with learning.

Start a thread to discuss this assertion.

Uhhh…Hilary! is running on the Demo Party ticket…:grin"