The everything is nice and people are nice thread


Yes, much nicer than the prick behind the desk. :grin:


Maybe you’ll like Dave Letterman more:


Aye, she’s a breath of fresh air. Great speech at the UN the other day.


She is, but I can’t get past those NZ vowels. Grates after a while.

She should have trimmed down the UN speech by about 50%.




It’s what I do best.



You’re looking a smidge pale there, boyo.
Vitamin A deficiency perhaps???


Hey, I like him, be nice!


It’s nice that you like the prick behind the desk. :sunglasses:


Nice! Have a nice day in Nice!


It’s nice that people make speeches before the UN.


It should be nice speeches!


Ok but seriously, we’re having a damn fine weather today. At least in Taipei.


It is.


You’re sitting behind a desk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon??
Nothing nice about that.


No no no. This prick was out enjoying the nice weather. Not many days like this in a year.


I couldn’t find an “Unwhack things in Taiwan” thread, so I will put this here
Very nice

Also very nice, people being quiet on the train, lining up, and bringing over complimentary dishes. I’m back in Bali now. Believe me, I appreciated a week of reasonable order.


My friend’s dad drove me to a couple of meetings. At the last minute one of them was pstponed for an hour. So dad just said, no problem, lets find some shade and have a nap… How nice is THAT?!