The Evil Whitey Thread


I believe he was being sarcastic.

I still can’t believe someone thought this was a good idea. “You know what guys! To make it look more realistic, go buy some rope!” - “right on!!!”.
I mean, wtf…

But at least right before the scam was discovered they passed some legislation to fight linching that was promoted by someone who had Smollet as a guest. Nothing suspicious, of course.


My apologies. I’m too sensitive about too sensitive.


Does a murder defined as a federal hate crime receive a longer sentence than a murder not defined as a hate crime?


Internalized racism?


Thought crime!!


We are quickly approaching the day when anyone who cries “racist!” will simply be laughed at.

Of course, the SJWs will just move on to something else.



I still see people online saying there’s some conspiracy towards him and we should wait for more facts.


That’s considered disorderly?

Was he belligerent or disorganized when he made the report? Because people lie in an orderly fashion all the time.


More reports… …
He paid the Nigerians with a personal check, hahaha.

Was making $1.17 million a year, or ~$65,000 per episode, and was dissatisfied with the salary.

Chicago Police Superintendent is black and gave scathing admonishment to the actor.

Trump tweeted his own thoughts on Jussie.


How stupid is he? Paying with a personal check.


And who uses checks nowadays?
Either cash or credit (for airline mileage or whatnot) for most people.
That’s a decent amount to cash at a bank, too, especially if personal check (most banks would flag it to Treasury or IRS as standard operating procedure).
Definitely missing some brain cells on top of those that went AWOL when he hatched first the letter and then the attack.


Kamala Harris used the supposed incident to pass hate-crime legislation. The timing suggests she may have known about it in advance. If so, then Harris is guilty of terrorism.


Perhaps the Nigerian guys requested a personal check? Easier to take on the flight and cash in Nigeria.