The Evil Whitey Thread


Not sure why you’re using a country that hasn’t existed for almost 40 years as an example but yes - Rhodesia was an immigrant magnet.


Wow, you’re really going to double down on Rhodesia huh?


Why wouldn’t I? Debating with you isn’t very difficult, may as well give myself a handicap to make it interesting.


Easy to insult someone on a computer. Not worth my time to debat someone who think Rhodesia is a good example. Somewhere in that mind of yours is the same ideology that the Dylann roofs of the world holds on to.


This whole thread is a sad attempt in making white male somehow the victim of the 21th century because times are changing. Its literally one step away from echoing the same rhetoric of white supremacist’s white genocide.


It’s easy for you to dismiss mass migration to countries whites built, when Taiwan and Korea aren’t threatened by this kind of thing at all. How do you think Koreans would react if large parts of it became minority Korean? Would they think this was a good thing, or a ‘strength’? Would they say to themselves “oh they do the jobs koreans won’t do”?

No, they’d see it for exactly what it is.


Okay, I’ll bite. Which country are you talking that the “whites built”


The US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, The Netherlands…

How would Koreans feel if they started becoming minorities in their own country?


For arguments sake, let’s just use the US since I’m also a US citizen. You mean a country that was stolen from the native Americans, built by using chattel slavery of one race of people due to prejudice for slave labor. Having East Asians come for basically slave labor along with Mexicans and people of all places. A country that champions immigration and diversity while having a relatively stable democracy is somehow built by the whites and now being stolen by non whites. Damn i didn’t know my family building offices and other non whites immagrating to the US providing jobs for whites along with anyone else qualified was creating this awful situation.


I knew you were going to use the “US was built by black slaves” card. For one thing, non-white labour was a minority up until very recently. For another thing, how the labour was performed is practically irrelevant, unless you want to claim that horses, oxen, and the steam engine built the US. There would be no United States without white people, they founded it and built all its institutions. If you don’t realise that, read a history book.

How would you feel if you become a racial minority in one of your parents home town? Would it be ok as long as they built offices? How would your parents feel? You’re avoiding these questions because you know exactly how they’d feel, and you know how you’d feel as well. You’d hate it, but what’s good for the goose isn’t for the gander - and white people just have to accept it, whether it’s in the US or Europe.

You constantly make reference to how much money your family has btw. East asians earn more than whites per capita in the US. They’re also arrested and incarcerated at much lower rates. This must be because of institutionalized racism (of course), so please - check your yellow privilege.


You’re right. We should all go back to our country and leave the US a white country like the founding fathers intended. Mass deportation is the solution.


Did you change the title of the thread andrew?

You think whites should become a minority wherever they are, but koreans should stay a majority in korea. I think that makes you a yellow supremacist.


Never said that. Tell me where I said that.



Now the title totally goes with the content.


I’m part of a persecuted minority. I want reparations from the Mongolians for invading Europe.


If you want to take about immagration issues such as the influx of different cultures, poorer socioeconomic backgrounds coming in, or lack of education in some immagrants, or even even maybe brain drains from different countries coming in. I can debate and understand. But when you’re talking about making a country a white country like how it was. Im not cool with that at all.

And if you want to know, I’m in full support of non Taiwanese coming to Taiwan. Ive work with the French chamber of commerance and have gotten to known many Italians who come here for a better life from the Italian embassy. Many of they come for better job prospect in starting their own business or expanding here as Rome is one of Taiwanese only diplomatic allies. I am in full support of cross culture exchange between other countries coming to Taiwan. My girlfriend is Italian herself. Never in my mind have I ever thought omg, these white people and Latin American people or wherever are here to take my job and felt threatened or whatever is going on in your head. I want more non Taiwanese to come here, I truely believe that’s the only way to keep taiwan a country that prosper. I’ve always hated how taiwan is so slow to develop as an international hub being from a multi cultural and multinational background myself.


I never said anything about forced deportations or anything like that. That was all your projection. I simply said that most people want to live in the kinds of societies white western people build. A tiny trickle of eccentric Italians in Taiwan doesn’t change that.

And I know you think you’re shaming me by name calling me with words like white supremacist. As if I will cower in fear. Words like that hold no power over me, because I recognise them for what they are - stifling words. They’re designed to shame people and shut them up. Has zero effect on me. I mean we all know that 99.9% of Taiwanese people would have no problem of what I’m saying.


So how does these white countries stay or become the white country you want them to be. I’m not shaming you, im calling you out for exactly what you are. I threw out Rhodesia as a extreme example that’s ridiculous to back. But somehow you actually used Rhodesia as an example to your point.


Only the OP or a moderator can do that, and it wasn’t me so that leaves Rowland.

To Andrew0409, intersectionality has it’s critics, and before you say it, no that doesn’t automatically make such a person racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic.

When it comes to discussing how to create a better society, the liberal left don’t have a monopoly. It can be very well argued by such divisive methods like identity politics, what is being created are groups that identify through victim hood, each one wailing about what they are owed by the rest of society.

That’s not to say sexism or racism or all the other ism’s don’t exist, they do. The solution is not to say “many black people come from poor or challenging neighborhoods, lets make sure Universities weigh the scores of black people higher than others to balance the scales” because 1. you include the wealthy and privileged blacks in such weighing and 2 excluding anyone else from a poor and challenged neighborhood.

How about I frame it in a way that doesn’t involve white people. Asians it has been shown have their SAT scores (or whatever it is the Universities use in the states) weighed down. They work hard, are pushed hard by their parents, and apparently because Asians are over represented in US Universities, so to keep the right percentages of some identity politically correct percentage in the make up of the students, they multiply whatever score they got by .9 (as I recall) as an Asian, do you think that is fair?


I can change it with my member status.

He’s talking about something completely different from what you’re talking about. I want to hear how he thinks he can create a better society by keeping it white majority.