The Evil Whitey Thread


I reverted your title edit. Please do not change it again, if you wish to have such a conversation I suggest discussing it with the Mods first.


I won’t change this thread back as I made my point. But why give us the ability to change it if we can’t. I mean the title is the evil whitey thread. It seems reasonable to mess around with such a title.


I am asking that question in the moderators forum now. Certainly didn’t used to be that way, perhaps the change to the new forum.

But I appreciate your co-operation, typically I wouldn’t do a name change without first consulting the OP, but I get it, you were having a bit of fun, no harm no foul.


Bummer. That one is so much better.


I’m not understanding how this relates to what @monkey_yuan is saying. He is saying majority white societies are better off continuing to be majority white. Going so far as to use Rhodesia to back it…


Yeah I agree. He is not making any sort of sense. Russia is white majority, Belarus is white majority, Ukraine is white majority, where are these doorways-flocking immigrants to Kiev?

Unless he’s switching to some other rhetoric, such as Germanic societies are better off continuing to be pure Germanic while Slavs are the lower breeds. Munich 1933 déjà vu tbh. Lebensraum anyone?


so if white immagrants come to white majority countries, that’s ok then?


Rhodesia is a common talking point on the right, especially the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, the following land invasions as armed gangs attacked occupied white-owned farms, and the following agricultural development collapse and massive suffering inflicted on everyone in Zimbabwe due to the fact Robert Mugabe pushed the evil whitey policies.

South Africa was much more fortunate to have Nelson Mandela during a transition period, however even in SA there are some politicians like Julius Malema who would like nothing better than to strip white people of land or businesses and who heap praise on Robert_Mugabe.

I don’t speak for @monkey_yuan, and if he/she alludes to white supremacy it will be removed from the boards. This is the thing, when you deal in identity politics everyone is dancing on eggshells, so as not to offend. You get this group in the US called Antifa (anti fascist) who turn up to events which are to be hosted by right wing speakers, who want to discuss identity politics. Yet their reaction is violence, they think by having an opinion different to their own these people are fascists, so beat up people wanting to listen to an opposing view. You’re a smart guy, I can think you appreciate the irony of this. Anti fascists beating up and setting buildings on fire to suppress free speech, wouldn’t that make them the fascists?

Like I say, I don’t speak for @monkey_yuan, and am watching carefully to what he/she is saying (not putting words, or imagining what he/she is saying) closely. But if you were asking the relevance between what I am saying and what @monkey_yuan said, that is where I am seeing it.


He’s talking about a dislike of non whites coming to a white majority country. He didn’t say it directly, but basically asked if I would not feel the same way if I became a minority. That to me is low key white supremacy. The dislike or fear of becoming a white minority in a predominantly white country.


Hence your change of thread title to “low key white supremacy” , I get it. Slow assimilation works, my neighbors in the UK are Malaysian, the kid and my friend thinks of himself as British as do many black friends and in the case of my Malaysian friend always had far more women interested in him than the white folks, but he was fit, intelligent and funny. Kind of how it’s supposed to work.

I don’t like to get involved in the identity politics or race discussions, they are in the politics, but I’m married to a Taiwanese woman and it’s hard not to bring in personal experiences which I am reticent to do so on a public forum.


That’s a bit of a leap from

I was looking forward to more medievalism, but now we’re going Dutch? :confused:


Well, most Dutch people speak pretty passable English, and some better than many native speakers, so it’s not too much of a stretch. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, we’re on the same page.

The thing about is he knows what he’s doing. He knows full well about the type of crowd he appeals to with his far-right conspiracy non-sense. It’s that action that’s cancerous

Now, look at rowland’s OP… sure looks like something Jones would latch on to. That’s the case I’m making when I replied.


How does the yellow supremacist (your terminology, not mine) country of South Korea stay so Korean? What evil things do they do!?

I’ve spent enough of my life as a minority to learn not to take crap when people feel it’s cool to disparage my ethnic group. Usually it’s from other white people of course. Sensitive western types freak out about “supremacism”, but really what it is is “normalcy”. It’s completely normal to advocate for, identify with and be proud of your own ethnic group. As I keep pointing out, we don’t call the entire country of Taiwan or Japan or Korea or China “yellow supremacist” when they by and large share entirely similar views.


This has evolved recently into an extremely triggered thread.

The Oatmeal’s pinky toe is having his say, indeed.


Okay, so The Oatmeal is a comic strip, but I don’t have time to read it. Could you please explain about the “pinky toe” or post something enlightening?


The Oatmeal should be required reading in kindergarten and grad school.


That was lovely. :rainbow:

I won’t name names, but I think some Forumosans have webbed feet… :duck: :wink:


As Confucius (or one of those other eggheads) says, discretion is the greater part of valor.


Why I don’t virtue signal.