The Evil Whitey Thread


Proudly fighting racism with more racism since…too long.


No, remember, now racism is “power plus prejudice” so if you have no power you can’t be racist.



Hmm, so how does “black power” fit into that equation?


Welcome to the mind of the SJW, who sees no irony or contradiction in any of this:


Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about Muslims in same sex marriages?

Why do I dislike Islam?

Doesn’t matter what I think of them, they get thrown off buildings in their home countries for being gay.


That’s a question for the mullahs. :sunglasses:


Which countries (that allow same sex marriage) are those?


Don’t shift goalposts and conflate two unrelated points.

Being homosexual is punishable by death in many Middle Eastern Muslim countries and you know it. Even leaving the faith is apostasy, and the punishment is death. The West isn’t importing en masse Muslims from Azerbaijan, they’re taking in much worse.


I’m not talking about Middle Eastern countries. So don’t shift the goalposts, eh?


You’re playing dumb to suit your agenda, a typical SJW tactic.

You cannot support Islam and gay marriage wholesale, you know that. Leftists only support Islam because of “the enemy of my enemy is my ally” mentality. Islam wants to wipe out the West’s straight white men, and unattractive white women (feminists), and their white knight broflakes, want the same because they didn’t get invited by Chad to prom in high school.



Mr. Fire, you are putting other people’s words in my mouth.

Try reading the above posts again. It’s a thing. I just want to know what you make of it.


Gay Muslims have every right to be miserable too I guess, right?


Ah, the Kinky Friedman compromise! Duly noted. :slight_smile:


Speaking of Kinky Friedman, I had a chance to ask him a question once about his guest workers program at a university journalism competition when he and Carol Keeton Strayhorn attended as special guests/campaign stumping. He bumbled around it and didn’t answer the question. Nice enough guy, though.


I think the politically correct term is:“cultural enrichment”.


Islam is not the same as Islamic extremism. It’s Islamic extremists who toss gay people off rooftops.

I have no love for SJWs, but I have yet to encounter, in real life or online, an SJW (much less any feminist) who supports Islamic extremism.


It’s Islamic extremists who make the rules where Muslims dominate. They’re all about dominance and submission. The extremists dominate, and the moderates submit to the extremists.


So throwing gay people off the roof is a sign of extremism…ok, I can take that. So how about the countries where by law homosexuals are punishable by death? Cause that’s not a small list. Do we classify them them are countries led by extremist governments, or since gay people are killed in more civil ways they get a pass as democratic states?


What’s more, the Koran and their other texts are extremist texts. They’re like the Old Testament on steroids. Mohammed himself was an extremist, and so is anyone who actually strictly follows him.