The Evil Whitey Thread


My wild guess: this post will not last 24h.


The truth is an offense these days, sadly.


The Koran is a mixed bag. Parts of it are nastier than others. But the general tone is dominance and submission. There’s room for interpretation, but it lends itself better to some interpretations than others.


But this thread is about TEH EVIL WITEYS, so we should get back on track and mention Sodoma & Gomorra, so we can say that God is evil as well , mainly because he’s always portraied as white!!1!!


It’s all hypocritical posturing and virtue signaling.

Oh, and there’s a deeply stupid Charlottesville thread elsewhere. Actually, there’s a deeply stupid Charlottesville thread lots of places on the Web.


Hiring - and then triggering - the easily triggered. They get the nincompoops they deserve. If it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

Love that purple hair though. Even if she does look a bit young for a blue rinse.


aren’t you the one getting triggered over someone getting triggered? who is more triggered here?




And the moral is…?


The moral is: don’t claim the moral high ground if you don’t understand the terrain.

Democracy dies in dumbness.


Oh, I see. When an opponent of the Don settles, it’s an admission of guilt. When the Don settles, it just shows how smart he is. :rainbow:


One thing is certain: This thread cannot be accused of not living up to its name.


Well a White guy can not be both “White countries are the best” and then live in Asia without being forced to do so by circumstances, somewhat diminished, and very bitter and angry.


Shame on them for backing down.


isn’t this thread just a more low key version of the why is white nationalism wrong TBH here… Just because it’s not said in those word…half of it it’s from that certain person praising Rhodesia… Can we just be honest here. This is another pro white nationalist thread without saying it.


This is the first miracle I have seen.


And there it went.


Why is it the right’s “go to” response, or offensive at times, to Trump supporters being, shall we say…anti-minority, is that dems were slave owning racists who founded the kkk?


If you prefer, we can have a thread on the new segregation movement that the left is pushing.

Or perhaps the libs can libsplain how affirmative action isn’t about race.