The Evil Whitey Thread


WTF are you talking about? The only one thats pushing this race thing is you. Also doesn’t help that your main supporter is a white supremacist in this thread lol. And stop using the easy way out grouping everyone who thinks this thread is moronic along with your ideals a liberals…maybe people just think this thread is sad a pathetic.

no one takes your BS seriously anymore. I don’t even know what youre trying to accomplish with this thread.



If a Wikipedia article (which should never be used as a source for anything, but OK for generic background info) cannot be understood, I doubt anyone else explaining it would make it any clearer.

This might make it easier.

…and what @Andrew0409 said. Except I am a liberal. Proud of it. Paleo-, neo-, classico, moderno, whatevero, I am a libero.


You take that back or I start the thread. Because it’s totally a thing and - as Alanis Morissette once pointed out - you oughta know.

No Whites Allowed: The Lefty Segregationist Thread

This should be good. :popcorn:


And now people are converting to whititude:

People who make a big deal about race don’t actually understand race.


Converting to whititude?! :astonished:

There is no need, in short, for Democrats to choose between appealing to white workers and courting people of color.

Did we skim the same article? :ponder:


Still haven’t asnwered the purpose of this thread and what’s this horrible thing that will happen from the pattern you see.


…says the man who created the “The Evil Whitey Thread”. :thinking:


You gotta filter out the virtue signaling, my friend. Remember, you don’t get published in TNR without certain shibboleths in place.

The real meat is in the non-boilerplate content. That’s how an intelligent person reads… pretty much anything anywhere.


A brief history of white people:


Sorry man, I don’t have time now to pull myself up to your lofty level of intelligence. :notworthy: You’ll have to decode it for me or accept me as a lost cause.

(Or explain why the Anglo-Saxons failed to invent whiteness, but I doubt I have time for that either. Busy times…)


Because their traditional cuisine is trash.


The Anglo-Saxons had no use for whiteness. They were busy inventing Englishness.


Any evil whiteys these days Rowland?


I think White is just a term opposed to Black.
I haven’t seen anyone who’s skin tone is literally White or Black. That would be scary.


Albinos are pretty white. I wonder if Rowland considers black albinos part of his white klan.


An interesting recent and related debate


I’ve watched the debate this morning. I had never heard of Thomas Smith before, and he was so embarassing I felt bad for him. It’s hard for me to feel bad for a person whose ideas make me think:“Oh ok, he\she’s an idiot, whatever…”, but this debate was like a one-man firing squad.

I’ve watched many debates/interviews/talks with Carl/Sargon and he’s always on point and well prepared. The fact that this Thomas Smith guy decided to debate him really shows what overconfidence can lead to.


If Russians (Over half of the land of Russia lies in Asia) are considered White, Chinese should be considered White, too.

This is how the Russians from the areas near Mongolia look like.
Batu Khasikov


How about the population? Do more Russian people live in the Western region of Russia, or in Siberia and Kamchatka ?