The Evil Whitey Thread


It’s not uncommon to see a peaches-and-cream complexion on local girls in Taipei, but it might be partly artificial.

If you self-identify as white, you’re self-identifying with a “race” that is the envy of the world. That’s not just an expression. People will quite literally resent you. Really, it’s about culture… but they make it about race and then pretend they’ve made it about fairness and privilege. It’s social constructs and butthurt all the way down.

If you self-identify as “minority,” you’re self-identifying as an oppressed victim, and inviting others to see you as a defeated loser. If that’s your self image, you’ve got way bigger problems than being able to tan well. Find some other card to play besides the victim card.

Who is more full of hate, someone who hates minorities, or someone who hates the majority?

Me, I just take people as I find them.


I would say this is an American thing. Or in a broader sense, an Anglo-Saxon thing.

Anglo-Saxons is just one of the many ethnic/cultural groups originated from Europe.
There’re a lot more less dominant and even weak groups out there.

For example, Eastern Europeans and Russians are White, too, but they may have never experienced such a thing called White privilege, the world’s Lingua Franca being their mother tongue, or people from all over the world swarming to their country to study and work.

I didn’t realize that Eastern Europe and Russia are a lot poorer and less developed than Japan, Korea, and even Taiwan before I visited meet people actually from there.
For example, in Japan, the most developed country in East Asia, you’ll see some Eastern Europeans, Russian, Africans, and any other ethnic groups from less developed countries working as illegal workers and prostitutes there. For those people in this context, the term White, Black, Latino, Asian, etc means something totally different.




Sorry, he lost me at why (is it inappropriate to speak like Donnie to sexual assault victims)?

What’s the interesting part?


I’ll do a quick TL:DR as I gave it an up-vote and why I thought it was interesting.

One guy is arguing the merits of intersectionality, the interesting thing about him IMO is he is amazed that he needs to defend the ideas and ideals put forward and constantly calls the other guy a bunch of names as well as any audience members who applaud the other guy.

The other guy is more focused on the solutions proposed by intersectionality, which he claims are very bad solutions and magnify the problems of racism, sexism and whatever form of identity politics is being pushed at any particular moment. Although when pushed what his solution would be, openly admitted he didn’t have a solution.

For much of the time they are talking past each other, I think in this setting it was very confrontational as such neither side really wanted to give the other side credit when something was said that made sense, but much more so for the guy defending intersectionality and some of the proposed solutions such as balancing the workforce by percentage of women and men, or by ethnicity.


In the beginning it wasn’t supposed to be a debate. The original plan was to have Smith interview Carl. The “interview” turned out to be a list of things that Smith wanted to tell Carl to prove why he’s a horrible person (the stuff he had on the laptop). Carl didn’t go there to be judged by a moral busy body, so it turned out to be something resembling a debate.
It’s hard to call it a proper debate because one person had no idea what he was talking about.


Mick makes some good points. I like seeing articulate proponents of diametrically opposing standpoints go at it on interesting issues. The drama over some of Benjamin’s literally deplorable and ??? comments and the crowd response made for an interesting dynamic as well. I say that as someone who agreed with a fair amount of his expressed viewpoints.


OK, this guy wins the Woke Sweepstakes.


No, it’s not OK. Get to the back of the line, white boy!


David Hogg as arrogant whitey keeping the black man down. Or maybe just a stupid puppet spouting left wing talking points. Evil whitey left wing talking points, that is.


Wow, I heard about Scientology’s 24h news channel that started up a few weeks ago, but I honestly didn’t know NRATV was a thing… until now. :slight_smile:


Ooh ooh I’d like to contribute to this discussion. Here’s a bean whitey post.


yeah they got two reasons to be miserable


I’d take this a lot more seriously if they weren’t calling coal miners racist for having dusty faces…

At least the particular flavor of hypocrisy we saw with Robert Byrd has died at last. Everyone’s a racist now.

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Isn’t this name calling? Can we please say enough with this already? It’s like facebook now…


Someone needs to go somewhere where getting banned from the flob is praiseworthy.


Everyone is a closet racist - except the overt racists.

Race is largely a social construct, but racism is just a manifestation of tribalism, and tribalism is an ineradicable part of human nature.


Racial minorities can’t be racist, they can only be prejudiced. I am a racial minority here, therefore…


Good Lord, imagine what kind of place That would be. :smirk:


Where could be better than a place which has a thread called “The Evil Whitey thread”. :rofl: