The Evil Whitey Thread





Jesus Christ


read that too.

My response:
“I’m a White Man Married to An Asian Woman And, Honestly, I’m NOT Struggling With Calling You a Fuqqing Idiot”


The guy should run asap.


that was my second thought.
Run, run, run far away.
ABC/ABT girls can be totally whacked out sometimes.


More like ‘neurotic silly person fetish’. She doesn’t mention asking her fiance if that was what he had.


I’ve known men who went through hell like losing their jobs, getting themselves sober after years of alcoholism, tragic losses, etc and get back up. All to lose it to a women who is just uncontrolled and manipulative. Men need to get smarter in choosing their partners, a good one can really help you while a crazy one will drag you to the depths of hell.

A failed marriage is a red flag unless he died or something like that. Add that to this insanity, the guy should run.


Some of them got the brains though.




An interesting combination of batshit and crazy. He’s going to have fun with her.


It would be funny if he wrote an article somewhere. “I had to dump my paranoid Asian girlfriend”


Articles like that are what happens when people don’t learn how to think.


Yeah im happy in the married life, wife dont care much where I go as long as i take me medicine. No stalking, not much talking but great food and a nice bed warmer. Fuck that going on the pull my days are well behind me, I’d rather play music at home talk to the relatives or kids. Besides the only bird i could pull now would be one with grandfather issues. Married life has its benefits over 50, so just be patient you young bucks of the night, you’ll bore of it eventually.


Wow that guy is quite hot. What’s his name?


Hehe, settle down, you are busy enough :grinning: Do the Quiz instead :wink:


Too soon ? Or too close to the reality ?
Harsh .Someone linked this.


He was just trying to call attention to the racism that permeates society.



i thought he was calling attention to Nigerian scams


He lives in a predominately black/gay neighbourhood. Where is the racism?