The expert science bluff thread

Because sometimes the science doesn’t even exist. A thread for people who talk about evidence but never provide any. Not for when the evidence is being misinterpreted or even when it’s fabricated. I’m talking about when the science flat out doesn’t exist. Or when the experts simply don’t exist - not even fake experts.

Let’s start with:

Does every single conspiracy theory you come across, or right-wing article you read, really need its own thread? :face_with_monocle:

I thought this was the reason that social media, and subsequently the mute/unfollow button on social media, were invented…


Nope. No topic is safe from fearmongering. :rofl:

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How else to keep all the denialist gaslighting organized?

You’re welcome.

Denialist gaslighting :rofl: that’s a good one! Keep up the comedy!
Doesn’t matter that the scientific community has rigourous standards for reporting findings or that findings are updated upon the introduction of new information. Nope. We need to detail all the times scientists are wrong for…reasons? That millions of scientists all across the world are coincidentally part of the same conspiracy to gaslight all of us, despite modern science and technology bringing objective gains to standards of living over the last couple of centuries. By feeding us misleading and contentless links to various sites that don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re biased and pushing an agenda. They’re not trying to push the truth, but to push their truth. It’s ironic to suggest that the scientists are gaslighting and misleading you while citing news sources that EXPLICITLY tell you how they’re misleading you.

Secondly. Forumosa is a discussion board and discussion is welcome, but if you’re here to just nonuple(look it up) post contentless posts and links to various ‘news’ sites without a shread of an attempt to curate an actual discussion under the guise of ‘organising’…well…not only is this in violation of site rules, but suggests you may be unaware of your browser’s Bookmarks feature because this place is not for storage, it’s for discussion.


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The scientific evidence will take years to come through. Faster than with SARS, though.

Pro tip : ignore button works very well


Flat-Eartherism, YEC, anti-vax, Holocaust-denial, anti-AGW, and now anti-virus- it’s all much of a muchness, often by the same people.

Bundles of beliefs are standard now. I could provide another list common to another group of people many of whom don’t think about their beliefs - they just accept them. What’s interesting to me is the belief bundle used to be linked to a political party, now it’s not so much.

I don’t know that those types of beliefs are really often from the same people. Men can be women, life doesn’t start at conception, it is settled science that AGW is the primary factor in global warming, BLM protests won’t affect coronavirus spread, walls don’t work, Trump colluded with Russia…these anti-factual and/or anti-science views seem often promoted by the same people.

[quote=“Mithrandir, post:10, topic:193581”]
I don’t know that those types of beliefs are really often from the same people.

In the sense you’re using it, true.



appears to be true so far, but may be shown to be untrue based on further evidence

depends on the wall and the purpose; Trump’s wall, no, it won’t.


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