The Eyes On the Wind of Taiwanese Film

For those interested in Taiwanese movies, SPOT will be showing a number of recent-to-fairly-recent Taiwanese films from various directors, which include the likes of Hou Hsiao Hsien, Tsai Ming-Liang, Lin Cheng-sheng, Chang Tso-chi, and others…

Some of the more well-known films include Millenium Mambo, The River, Double Vision, Mirror Image, just to name a few.

The screenings run from July 12 - July 31.

If you would like to see a schedule, get the complete list or read the synopses of the films, go to this website:

Click on the image to get in and click around until you get a list of the films.

Note: the website is in chinese only but there are English synopses of the films with English titles.

Note2: I am not sure whether all of the films have subtitles but some of them do.


One of the featured films is playing right now @ Spot and Majestic. It is Robinson’s Crusoe [w/ English Subtitles].
This movie is directed by Lin Cheng-sheng. This film went to Cannes this year and was part of the “Un Certain Regard” selections.

I’ve seen this movie and think it is quite good.
It is a slow-paced, melancholic movie (see “arthouse”) but it is quite beautifully shot.

For information on SPOT go to their website:

The website is bi-lingual but it is not completely up-to-date. The pertinent info should still be relevant though.

Final Note: If someone could find out which movies do/don’t have subtitles, please post here. Thanks.