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Right, a friend of mine has opened a new cafe in Xindian, or more precise, it opened this morning at 10am. You can find the website here
The menu isn’t up on the website yet as it only got translated to Chinese this week, but they server brunch until 12 and have a selection of sandwiches, finger food, cakes and drinks, including alcohol.
I haven’t actually tried anything off the menu as yet, but the opening party last night was great :smiley:
The owner is South African by the way.
One thing, the map is up-side-down in terms of how the roads really are if you look on a map and the place is right next to a bank which I can’t remember the name of and there’s a sign out by the main road, for those trying to find the place.

Ok, and they’re closed on Monday’s, so no chance to try it out tomorrow…
The food, you’ll have a choice of home made (baked in the cafe) savory and sweet pies, sandwiches, bagels, salads, various finger foods such as hummus, tzatsiki, baba ganoush, cakes of course and a bunch of other stuff. They’ve got a wide selection of drinks ranging from various tee’s and coffee to soft drinks, wine and beer.
The menu is still a bit trial and error and I’m sure they’d live any input from their customers.
And don’t be fooled by the fairy theme, it’s not “girly” at all, it’s actually quite tastefully decorated to look like a cave with a big tree inside.
They also have a couple of tables outside overlooking a small green area.
The sign along the main road isn’t so easy to notice on foot, at least not if you’re on the same side of the road, but the place isn’t too hard to find.
I still didn’t pay attention as to what the bank was called, but it’s some smaller local thing with a green logo as far as I can remember.
For those with dogs they have a “dog parking” outside with a water bowl and there’s also space for a larger pram inside the cafe for those with small babies.
I have no involvement with the business, it’s just a friend that owns the place, so if you don’t like it, don’t rip my head off, alright? :smiley:
The only bad thing is that it isn’t that close to any of the MRT stations, but there’s a bus stop just outside, although I couldn’t tell you what buses stop there.
I’ll ask them to put up some more details on the website when they have a spare second.,121.538395&spn=0.004056,0.006974&t=h&z=18&brcurrent=3,0x3442aa7bbf60f817:0x9d21e8b358878e38
It’s very close to the bus stop sort of across from the hilife on the map link above, inside the courtyard in the building just below it and you can either go down the small alley or go through a walk path just past the bank, both takes you more or less straight to it.

I forgot how good Google Maps are, you can just click on the bus stop near the cafe and you can see which bus routes goes there.

Oh, and it’s a bit of a soft launch, so they might not have everything on the menu as yet as they’ll still working on getting everything up and running properly, so it might be a good idea to call ahead to make sure they have what you want, at least this week.

Xindian has been crying out for a decent cafe/restaurant like this.

I’m not sure about the fairy theme though, seems very Taiwanese.

it’s not that far from QiZhang MRT, about 1500metres according to urmap. but i think if you went through the back lanes it would be less. i will probably go this week sometime, if i remember to take my camera i will post some pictures

It seems like they’re also planning specials as per below:

"Our first event will be on Wednesday, 4 March:

“Little Saturday” AKA Wednesday
ALL beverages on special ALL day long:

And sure, it’s not miles away, it’s easy enough for me to get there as our community bus has a stop not far from there, but I dunno how easy it is for most people to get there.

[quote=“Mugatu”]Xindian has been crying out for a decent cafe/restaurant like this.

I’m not sure about the fairy theme though, seems very Taiwanese.[/quote]

And there was a lively debate a few months ago about the viability of such an enterprise. I wish the new owners the very best and will be interested to hear how things turn out.

Ok, according to a text message I just got, they’re serving Chicken a la king with rice and salad tonight for NT$199. You need to call ahead to book though.
Not my kind of grub, but maybe some of you are interested.

They’ve updated the website again and the menu is back in an easier to access form.
Also, every Wednesday they’re doing some kind of a special ranging from NT$199-249.
There should be a better selection by now as well, going to check back with them tomorrow and see what’s on offer.

They’ve now opened a small delicatessen, it’s not a huge selection, but they have some harder to find things for fairly decent prices

Wow! That looks nice… :lick:

Apparently the Fairy Cafe will serve Eggnog for Crimbo…

It also comes with a meal :smiley:

It was a nice surprise to find their publicity in my mailbox. Congrats on the two locations, Great point adding a map. I also liked the pictures. Pretty nice couple. :smiley:

That Christmas menu looks yummy. Will certainly stop by.

Does the Zhongzheng place also have a doggie area?

Zhong Zheng branch has outdoor seating…so yes for doggies!


  1. We opened our second branch, 5 mins from ChiChang MRT
  2. Feel free to check our our Cafe blog for updates and new menu items:

Chiao for now! :bow:
AKA: Laoban Niang
The Fairy Cafe (Fairy Cave)
Xindian, Zhongzheng Road, Lane 265, no5
(02) 8911-1113
The Fairy Cafe (Fairy Cottage)
Xindian, Zhongzheng Road, Lane 265, no5
(02) 8911- 8885

What is the atmosphere like, for people who have been there?
Is it eat and go, or can you sit around for a while with a newspaper or friends?
Is it “place-where-everybody-knows-your-name” or people pretty much leave you alone?
Maybe I should just head over there and check it out, eh? :slight_smile:

Looks that way – I walk past it quite often and usually there are a few foreigners sitting around shooting the breeze in there.

It’s a hang out place, they got papers and magazines that you can read (even some stuff in English) and there are a few seats outdoors as well.

Well, dang…there are some disadvantages at living at the opposite end of the MRT line! Will definitely have to find the time to make the long trip there during winter break when I have no classes. Or maybe for that Christmas meal…

Guys, stop by before the end of the month. There is a Halloween-themed surprise a-waiting… Buahahahah :smiling_imp:

[quote=“Formosa Fitness”]We went to Xindian yesterday specifically to go there and it was terrible. The place looked haunted and not because it was Halloween. In the middle of lunch there were no customers and most of the lights were off. We tried the door and went in and only one or two lights were on. the kitchen looked closed. The chairs were pushed under the tables in the manner you’d do when closing up for the night.

I don’t like to say anything bad but we were really disappointed. Someone there should at least try to make an effort.[/quote]

Was the food any good?

You rock Poagao, thanks!
By the way, where can I get your book, my manager was really interested in your story, so maybe I can get a copy for the Cafe.

I heard about the caramel pie. Which one is that on the menu? The malva?
It is so hard to find caramel stuff here. I crave caramel. Who makes fudge? I need fudge.